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antelope colour glass splashback

What is a glass splashback?

A glass splashback is a single slab of toughened glass. Glass splashbacks are popular as they look stunning - oozing luxury and style. Our coloured glass splashbacks give the perfect opportunity to inject a splash of colour into your kitchen.

Toughened glass splashbacks don’t just look attractive - they are also much more practical compared to traditional tile splashbacks. Glass is easy to wipe down with no staining and no need for messy grouting which attracts dirt and mould.

Make a statement with coloured glass splashbacks

We spend so much time in our kitchens today - using the space for work and entertaining as well as preparing food, so the interior design is vital as it will affect our mood and wellbeing.

Colour is a powerful force within the home. While research on how colour impacts emotion is varied, when choosing colours for your home, simply go with your personal preference. Surrounding yourself with a colour that you love will instantly boost your mood, especially when the weather is grey and gloomy outside. Find out how light creates colour variations.

Copper splashbacks are an increasingly popular choice. They look amazing with white, grey or black kitchens and help to add some lovely warm tones.

100 luxury copper splashbacks

One thing which is universally agreed, is that lighter, brighter colours and mirrored splashbacks increase the sense of space, so if you have a smaller kitchen space that you want to feel bigger, this is worth considering. Also consider the colour you paint the walls and cupboards around the splashback. Team a light coloured splashback with dark cupboards beneath to anchor the room, making it feel more spacious.

Alternatively, darker colours can make a small space feel more intimate and a splashback in bold, dark and dramatic colours can serve to distract the eye away from a kitchen’s shape or compact size.

bronze toughened mirror splashback

Likewise, paler colours like sage green and cool blues are immediately relaxing, whereas a fiery red, hot pink or glitter splashback will immediately inject some energy.

white green plain colour glass splashback

As an alternative to a bold pop of colour, our Black Splashbacks denote style and sophistication, while our White Splashbacks are the minimalist dream. Grey Splashbacks also continue to be popular, providing an uber cool, industrial vibe.

black plain colour classic splashback

Take a look at our luxury collection splashbacks which come in a range of 15 different colours for some added glamour. These splashbacks combine colourful metallic elements and pigments to sparkling effect.

There are also a variety of other ®CreoGlass design options such as brightly coloured printed patterns. You can choose from on-trend Moroccan style blue tile effect or a striking floral design.

peacock printed pattern glass kotchen splashback

Are glass splashbacks heat resistant?

Yes, toughened glass can withstand temperatures up to 400°C. Toughened glass also protects the walls from:

  • Splashes of food, boiling water or oil from cooking
  • Moisture
  • Steam

How much does a glass splashback cost?

The price is of your coloured splashback will be calculated per surface area (sqm) which will vary depending on how many individual layers are required to achieve the desired finish.

You also need to budget for the cost of shaping the glass - cutting around sockets for example, will be an additional cost.

The cost of the measuring and fitting service is optional, but will guarantee a professional installation backed up with up to 10 years warranty.

Contact us to request an estimate. Our team will be happy to help.


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