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Bespoke Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Our bespoke kitchen splashbacks are created using high, quality toughened glass. This toughened glass is heat resistant up to 400ºC and impact-resistant, making it a practical and safe choice for kitchen splashbacks. Additionally, its non-porous surface with minimal join line makes it an easy to clean, hygienic option, ensuring it's safe for your family.


Unique Innovative Designs

At CreoGlass, we pride ourselves on our creative, innovative designs and due to this fact, our glass kitchen splashbacks are often the finishing touch to a beautifully designed kitchen. Our kitchen splashbacks range from subtle to bold designs, so you have the choice to use your splashback as a striking focal point to your kitchen, or a low-key, understated addition that will fit discreetly into your kitchen.

Find a Design You Love

Below, is a collection of some of our favourite kitchen splashbacks from our wide range of designs, installed in gorgeous kitchens to complement their seamless designs.

Each collection has been carefully designed and developed from our CreoGlass workshop - you can book an appointment to visit our worktop and showroom to see our skilled team working on the panels along with viewing our wide range of kitchen glass splashback designs!

Browse our wide range of glass splashbacks:

Crystal Stones Splashbacks

Our crystal stones glass splashbacks are some of our most exclusive designs. This new design was developed by our very own company director in our CreoGlass creative workshop.

This modern grey two-tone kitchen has been paired perfectly with the two-toned effect of our 'FAMIDA' crystal stones splashback. The downlit lighting on the extractor helps to illuminate the silver glitters, creating a sparkling focal point to the kitchen. Grey kitchens are a classic look that is always on-trend. The introduction of our grey 'FAMIDA' crystal stones kitchen splashback has created a unique twist to this customer's modern, classic kitchen.

Classic Splashbacks - Plain Colour (Glossy)

Create a classic splashback in literally any colour!

Our plain glossy colour splashbacks make the perfect addition to any kitchen. We can colour match our plain glossy coloured splashbacks to any colour you desire. This glossy white kitchen was the perfect blank canvas for adding a plain colour splashback. With few other dominating colours in the kitchen, most colours could have worked. However, the choice of the orange colour creates a joyful and playful kitchen. It would brighten up even the dullest of days.

The warm orange tones of our orange kitchen splashback complement the warm wooden tones from the kitchen floor, creating a welcoming and energetic space. Orange is a happy colour, denoting warmth, energy, and excitement, therefore it's wonderful colour use in a kitchen for a touch of positivity.

Classic Splashbacks - Matt Finish

Our matt finish kitchen splashbacks create a chic, timeless look. Whether or not you wish to choose a matt or glossy finish classic splashback is completely up to personal preference. Matt finish glass will give a slightly duller and more subtle finish to the glass, without the shiny appearance. The matt effect creates a lovely visual texture, particularly when used in conjunction with glossy cabinets, worktops or floors. Mixing textures within your kitchen will create what interior designers call 'visual weight', giving the eye more to focus its attention on without being overwhelmed.

Often, we see matt finish splashbacks used in country and shaker-style kitchens, compared to glossy splashbacks frequently being used in modern and german style kitchens.

We use an acid-etching process on the surface of the glass which leaves a coarse finish that reduces the sharp and bright reflections created by a glossy glass surface.

Toughened Mirror Splashbacks

Our toughened mirror kitchen splashbacks are practical, safe and stylish. This bronze tinted mirror complements the warm wooden tones of the panelled upper cabinets. With such dark cabinets and worktops, the warm tones are a welcome addition to create balance.

The highly reflective surface of the mirror increases the feeling of space and light in a kitchen, which acts as a counterbalance to the darkening effect of the black kitchen units. Overall the kitchen is a striking, sleek and modern-looking kitchen, enhanced with a bronze toughened mirror kitchen splashback.

Antique Mirror Splashbacks

Our toughened mirror kitchen splashbacks can also be created with a vintage, antique mirror effect. These distressed mirrors are the perfect addition to a country-style or vintage interior kitchen. They're a very popular choice among shaker-style kitchens.

All our mirrored splashbacks are toughened to ensure they're safe to use behind the hob, plus super easy to maintain. Our antique mirror splashbacks are arguably the easiest of our mirror kitchen splashbacks to maintain as the vintage, distressed effect does a great job at hiding any fingerprints and splashes.

Liquid Mirror Splashbacks

Just like our other mirrored kitchen splashbacks, our liquid mirror splashbacks can be created with a plain, grey or bronze tinted finish on our toughened glass. This artistic design is created by hand in our CreoGlass workshop. Each panel will be unique to your project, so can be created in a design that best suits your kitchen. The main designs we offer for this collection are called 'arches', 'mesh' and 'droplets'.

This grey-tinted liquid mirror has been created in the 'mesh' design. The smokey effect of the grey finish injects a unique, stylish finish to this modern kitchen. The grey-tinted effect can add brightness to your kitchen while avoiding the sometimes overwhelming shine of a traditional mirror.

We love the way the splashback is interrupted by the dark wooden shelves and extended above them to reach the ceiling. This creates a continuous, stylish look and maximises the brightening and space-enhancing illusion that a mirror splashback creates.

Patterned Mirror Splashbacks

Our patterned mirror splashbacks allow you to add a personalised touch to our regular toughened mirror splashbacks. The gold and brass detailing coordination between the kitchen and this splashback have created an elegant and sophisticated finish to this kitchen. The mirror contributes by increasing the illusion of greater space and light.

When choosing your kitchen splashback, think about the existing features in your kitchen, such as the cabinet handles, taps, and appliances. Do you want to contrast or complement these features which your kitchen splashback?

Finishing off this splashback this splashback is the touch of gold socket plates to continue the gold/ brass cohesion.

Mirror Striped Splashbacks

Our mirror stripe design was created and developed at CreoGlass by our very own director. After much trial and error, he perfected the design and technique over 8 years ago. The design has been a best seller ever since, and you can see why! It's sleek, retro and modern, plus you can customise the colour, thickness and amount of stripes to create a unique design with a truly bespoke feel.

This 'Antelope' mirror stripe design looks like it was the perfect kitchen splashback to fit perfectly into this modern two-tone kitchen. The 'Antelope' colour complements the browns of the dark wood cabinets, broken up with the glossy white units to create a soft, natural and subtle colour scheme.

The horizontal lines of the kitchen splashback are mirrored by the LED cabinet trims, creating a dimensional visual experience while the mirrored effect of the stripes increases the illusion of space and brightness.

Printed Glass Splashbacks

The colours of this printed Japan-inspired kitchen splashback look amazing next to the customers two-toned black and white modern kitchen.⁠ The monochrome colours of the customers' kitchen allow the vibrant reds and blues of the printed splashback to pop, creating a spectacular focal point to their kitchen.

Whether you're a food lover, landscape lover or anything in between, we can help to find the perfect printed glass splashback for you!

Use your splashback as a blank canvas to celebrate the things you love. ⁠

Textured Splashbacks - Creo-Kiln

⁠Creo-kiln splashbacks are our most 3-dimensional collection.⁠ ⁠

This artisan glass collection offers a variety of unique 3D textured finishes, echoing the effect of real bricks or concrete textures. This range of kitchen splashbacks are much more than a flat pattern, the designs are formed over distinctive moulds to create a design with greater tactile qualities than a standard glass splashbacks panel.⁠

These glass kitchen splashbacks creating an eye-catching alternative to classic tiles or brick splashbacks, offering an easy to clean and hygienic alternative with minimal join lines.

Our beautifully textured Creo-Kiln collection in metallic silver has a similar brightening effect to our mirrored splashbacks, but with a more unique texture. It's a perfect pairing to this shaker style kitchen, adding a lovely centrepiece to the kitchen mantle.

Textured Splashback - Premium Collection

If you're looking for a luxurious kitchen splashback, you've found it here with our premium collection. We hand layer this design using individual flakes of crushed natural minerals to create an artistic, contemporary design. This glass splashback will add texture and dimension to your kitchen, along with a shining effect that will catch light from any angle.

As this design consists of natural minerals, the shimming effect looks sophisticated and more subtle than a manufactured glitter would. As you can see from this kitchen, it looks stunning next to natural wood tones and complimented silver accents.

Textured Splashbacks - Cobweb

A textured cobweb glass splashback is a lovely way to add subtle texture to your kitchen. Each cobweb panel is created by hand for your kitchen, no two will be the same. Each panel is packed full of delicate detail. Although these kitchen splashbacks can be backed with any colour, we tend to create them with subtle colours to show off the detailing of the cobweb designs.

In this case, the white design has complimented this kitchen without overpowering it.

Stencil Kitchen Splashbacks - Ganesh

This vibrant stencilled splashback has been created in a punchy red to contrast this all-white kitchen. Our Ganesh stencilled kitchen splashbacks allow you to create a design that's personal, celebrating one of the gods of the Hindu religion.

Our stencilled designs are handcrafted in our CreoGlass workshop, and allow you to combine different colours and densities of glitter, contrasting the base colour with the design.

This delicate Ganesh design draws your eye into the room, creating a centrepiece of art behind the hob.

Stencil Kitchen Splashbacks - Swirls

Customise your kitchen with a Swirls Stencil Splashback. Swirls are an elegant addition to a plain colour splashback, which allow you to personalise your kitchen with a beautiful pattern that will add the illusion of length to your kitchen splashback. The dynamic illusion of a swirl will create an eye-catching focal point for your kitchen.

This 'Antelope' kitchen splashback design has been customised with a rainbow glitter swirl stencil. This stencil design is such a lovely way to add a touch of something special to the subtle colour scheme.

Stencil Kitchen Splashbacks - Arabic

Arabic stencil splashback designs allow you to add a motive of an Arabic blessing motto to protect your household. Use your kitchen splashback to convey positive messages.

This playful green Arabic stencil helps to elongate the kitchen, while the swirls mirror the curves of the kitchen worktop and units, creating a satisfying synergy for the eye. The lime green has injected colour into this white modern kitchen, leaving an eyecatching joyful feeling.

Glitter Splashbacks - Luxury Collection

Our Luxury Collection glitter kitchen splashbacks are produced by hand, using a layering technique of quality glitter flakes.

Red is a strong, bold colour that emotes an energising feeling. The power of the red luxury glitter, backed with the black background of this design is sure to uplift any mood walking into this kitchen. Combined with the versatile grey worktops and white cabinets, this kitchen colour scheme looks bold and sophisticated.

Glitter Splashbacks - 100% Luxury Collection

Our 100% Luxury design is available in copper or silver, this luxurious kitchen splashback design creates a dazzling feature in your kitchen.

The combination of copper glitter and matt grey in the kitchen creates a contrasting visual texture of matt and metallic. Copper and grey is a popular classic colour scheme, with the natural grey tones bringing balance to the copper tones. Grey tends to highlight and accentuate copper features within interior design without clashing. As you can see the same has been done with the copper handle against the grey door.

Glitter Splashbacks - Fine Sparkle

Our fine sparkle glass splashbacks can be created backed with any colour, with a variety of glitter colours to add on.

This elegant kitchen splashback was created in the colour 'Espresso Delight' with added rainbow sparkles. The colour palette is soft and subtle, creating warm tones and the sparkles add an extra element of life to the kitchen splashback.

We can add the glitter in light, medium or heavy densities. In this case, the glitter has added a subtle shine which is downlit to accentuate the glitter. The matching worktops finish the look cohesively.

Glitter Splashbacks - 100% Fine Sparkle

If you're looking to opt for a full impact kitchen splashback, our 100% fine sparkle kitchen splashbacks are a real head-turner. They create a dazzlingly beautiful shine, which loves all light sources, both natural and artificial. We do recommend having these designs uplit where possible to maximise their shimmering effect to the fullest.

These red sparkle glass splashbacks and black worktops have created an aesthetically powerful colour scheme that oozes sophistication.

Glitter Splashbacks - Fibres Collection

Our 'Forest Green' fibres is an ultra-modern glass worktop and glass splashback design. Much like many of our other kitchen splashback designs, our fibres collection is hand layered onto toughened glass in our CreoGlass worktop. The fibres create a glistening design using rich colours of red, forest green or blue.

In this modern kitchen, deep forest-rich green fibres are complimented with dark black counters for a look that’s high on drama but remains contemporary and fresh.
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