Italian Collection Splashbacks

Creo Glass

Our brand new Itallian Collection Splashbacks.

Inspired by the luxury of Italian textiles.

This collection involves layering a printed woven material inspired design with our toughened glass. You can choose to back the design with a variety of finishes to add depth to the design. These include mirrors, glitter and more. We created this design using a layering technique, building multiple layers of the printed fabric which gives it its authentic 3D look.

We can create this design with a huge range of coloured ‘fabric’ layered on top of either plain, bronze or grey tinted toughened mirrors, or glitter.

Toughened Mirror Splashbacks

Toughened Mirror Splashbacks are a hugely popular design to use in the kitchen as a splashback. This is due to their ability to increase the feeling of space and light by capturing all light sources off their highly reflective surfaces.

Not only does this Italian Collection look captivating with its 3D depth illusion, but it’s also practical. Glass Splashbacks are non-porous so they don’t hold bacteria like grout in tiles and other splashback alternatives. They’re also toughened up to 400°C and heat and impact resistant making them safe to go behind your hob.

Italian Splashback Features:

  • Toughened up to 400°C
  • Heat and Impact Resistant
  • Increases the feeling of light and space in the kitchen
  • Unique Design
  • Created in house at CreoGlass Design

Italian Collection Splashbacks

Create a beautiful depth with our collection inspired by luxurious woven Italian fabric.

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