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See how tough our scratch resistant worktops are when put to the test!

Transform your kitchen with stunning glass worktops.

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The aesthetic of your worktop will dominate your kitchen design and capture the attention of anyone who walks into your home. A change to your worktop can completely transform your home’s aesthetic, not to mention boost your property value, which is why scratch-resistant glass worktops are the ideal solution for kitchen surfaces.

Beyond its gorgeous appearance, our satin scratch-resistant glass is specially treated and chemically resistant to kill germs on your surfaces. That means your worktops will remain beautiful for years to come without the appearance of wear and tear, and they’ll also be easier to disinfect, as germs won’t be able to lodge themselves in the scratches.

Scratch-resistant glass worktops are designed to be tough but stylish. They can take up to 400ºC and resist impact, plus they can be customized in a wide range of colours and designs to fit your personal preference! This lightweight, quick-to-install glass worktop is a perfect way to transform your kitchen with a practical and functional feature.


SCRATCH-RESISTANT GLASS WORKTOPS An excellent choice for every modern, new, and ever-evolving kitchen designs. It is available in a slim 10mm profile of Toughened Heat, Impact and Scratch-Resistant Glass in Matt finish and these are the main features:

scratch resistant glass worktops

-Chemically Resistant and Clean Surfaces. You can apply hospital-grade detergents to clean without discolouring the glass. -Design Versatile - choose from any colour or print design we make to order with our graphic designers -Package deals with Matching Splashbacks can fully complement the colours or printed patterns or images creating an absolutely stunning and unique kitchen unavailable anywhere else in the world! -Scratch Resistant Surface is Hard Wearing and will not be scratched by any commonly used kitchen appliances due to the glass high-level on The Mohs Hardness Scale -Practical for installation around the hob or sink with drainage grooves also available -Toughened Glass is Impact-Resistant to dropping pans/cookware -Tactile, pleasant to Touch, and Easy to Wipe or Scrub clean -Built to last as a long-term investment -Thinner and lightweight slim profile -Easy to install

scratch resistant glass worktop corner

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Scratch Resistant Glass Worktops

Scratch Resistant Worktop
Scratch Resistant Worktop
Scratch Resistant Worktop 1
Scratch Resistant Worktop 1
Scratch Resistant Worktop 2
Scratch Resistant Worktop 2
Scratch Resistant Worktop 3
Scratch Resistant Worktop 3
Scratch Resistant Worktop 4
Scratch Resistant Worktop 4
Scratch Resistant Worktop 5
Scratch Resistant Worktop 5


Plain Colours
You can choose from our popular range of colours or we can colour match your scratch-resistant worktops to any colour, all you have to do is provide the paint chip or code from your favourite paint brand.
Grey Plain Colour Scratch Resistant Worktop

Printed Designs
We offer a wide range of printed designs for worktops, from printed textures such as marble to underwater to wave designs, your imagination is the limit! You can also browse thousands of designs on Adobe Stock or Shutterstock to achieve a truly unique look.
Black Printed Marble Scratch Resistant Worktop

Stencilled Designs
Add a touch of personality to your scratch-resistant worktop with a hand made stencil design. Our stencils use a bespoke, handmade technique that has been perfected by our worktop team over the years. The stencil designs allow you to combine different colours and glitters within one design.
Blue Stencilled Scratch Resistant Worktop

Our Team

At ®CreoGlass, we understand that every person has a part to play and a role to contribute. By combining our expertise, we are able to come together and provide you with the best possible service. Our passion for our product makes it easy for us to help our customers find the perfect glass solution for their homes. Our customer base spans from domestic to corporate to retail to trade to government, and with one conversation about your specific requirements, our experts will be well on their way to giving you gorgeous results.

If you like the look of our stunning scratch-resistant worktops, let us know at 01923 81984, or email us at [email protected]. We’d love to help!

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