The Opera Collection

At CreoGlass, we've always sought to create luxurious, unique glass pieces that make a statement. Our newest collection, Opera, is no exception. With its sleek yet organic design, inspired by the beauty of natural stone formations, this new line of fused metal and glass splashbacks could be just what you need to complete your bespoke kitchen or home.

The combination of the two elements provides a distinctive look with a surface decorated in an intricate pattern that portrays sophistication and elegance. Whether used as an interior decoration or as an eye-catching backdrop for your kitchen appliances, Opera will definitely stand out and turn heads. Its stunning range of colors - from sleek black to soft grey – also make it highly versatile for any décor scheme.

Whether you want to make a grand style statement or just add some elegance with a splashback that will stand the test of time; Opera is sure to captivate with its exquisite craftsmanship and natural beauty. These lavish pieces are guaranteed to transform your house into an opulent retreat you'll never want to leave. Elevate your home today with our magnificent Opera collection!

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Introducing the Opera Collection from CreoGlass – taking pure luxury to a whole new level and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with glass. Combining exquisite fused metal and glass, Opera will reinvent the way you think about splashbacks in your home.

Utterly unique, our Opera collection has been specially crafted to capture the ethereal beauty of natural stone formations. Our artisans have worked tirelessly to craft each piece by hand and achieve our finest work yet. Rich, reflective metals breathe life into the ornate shapes our glass takes on, making each piece utterly captivating and distinctive. Nothing else quite compares.

Opera is perfect for those wanting to create a luxurious bespoke experience in any space – be it a kitchen area or bathroom. Designed with superior quality at its core, each piece is built to last and will bring effortless elegance to whatever room you decide to adorn with it.


Unmatched quality

Kitchen splashbacks are an important feature of any kitchen and add protection from potential water damage. Perfectly tailored to suit each individual's needs, a kitchen splashback not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also provides extra protection for the surrounding area.

At CreoGlass, we pride ourselves on developing and providing quality materials that guarantee optimum performance. Our glass splashbacks use 6mm thick tempered glass that is low in iron for optimal clarity and heat-treated for improved strength and impact resistance. Not only does this maximise transparency, but it also promises maximum durability so that the splashback looks perfect for many years to come.

Not compromising on quality or performance, our glass kitchen splashbacks are available in a range of colours and finishes, including matte or glossy options. Depending on the size of your kitchen as well as personal tastes, choosing the right colour can be critical in bringing out all its beauty and charm.

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Attention to Detail

Built to last, our Opera Collection is a superior choice for kitchen splashbacks due to its enhanced manufacturing procedures and tightly packed material that ensure maximum strength and durability. Withstanding daily wear and tear with ease, our product can face the heat of a stove or protect against backsplash, making it an ideal choice for any stylish home.

In addition to its durability, our Opera Collection offers a stunning range of colours, sizes, and textures to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your kitchen needs. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, making every piece we sell truly remarkable and impossible to achieve elsewhere.

Our manufacturing procedures and proprietary techniques are what set us apart from other kitchen splashback providers. We have invested a great deal of time and effort in creating these processes, allowing us to craft intricate details, complex patterns, and beautiful finishes that defy expectations. Whether you're looking for a basic or extraordinary splashback, you can trust us to provide the highest quality at a competitive price.

The Proprietary Processes

At CreoGlass, our kitchen splashbacks are truly a work of art. We've gone above and beyond to perfect the design process, utilizing our secret technologies and methods to create stunning products that exceed expectations. Our splashbacks are not only beautiful, but they're also built to last. We use tightly packed materials and enhanced manufacturing procedures that ensure maximum strength and durability. And with a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your kitchen needs.

Our commitment to quality is unmatched in the industry. We take great pride in our work and go to great lengths to ensure that every detail is perfect. From the intricate details to the complex patterns, every splashback we create is a true masterpiece. Our artisans are highly skilled and dedicated to their craft, which is evident in every piece we sell.

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Make a statement with your kitchen and elevate your cooking space.

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Transform your kitchen into a sophisticated space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Glass Splashbacks safe behind a hob?

Absolutely! Our Glass Splashbacks are completely safe to use behind the hob because they are heat and impact resistant up to 400°C degrees. Behind the hob is what we originally created them for! However, because they’re impact resistant they’re perfect to use in bathroom for a shower or sink splashback or on the side of your kitchen island.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative our new CreoMax Product Range would make a great option for you. It’s easy to cut, and the lead time is shorter. However, because the CreoMax Acrylic is not heatproof, to make them safe to use behind your hob we can provide a transparent toughened glass panel to place on top of your CreoMax, fixed on with screws.

Should I choose Glass or Acrylic splashbacks?

Choosing the right material for your needs is an important task, so this is a good question. Both of them are suitable in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or anywhere else in you desire. To help decide which to choose there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Will you be placing it in an area which will be exposed to high levels of heat, such as behind your hob?
If yes, we would definitely recommend our CreoGlass Glass Splashbacks, designed and created in Watford. They are heat resistant up to 400°C, so are perfectly safe to use in areas exposed to high temperatures.

Do you need the product ASAP?
The preparation and lead times are much shorter for Acrylic Splashbacks compared to Glass Splashbacks, so if your deadline is close, acrylic might be the better option for you. Our Sales Team will be able to discuss with you the lead times for both options. Contact Us

Are you looking for the flexibility of a DIY project?
Our CreoMax Acrylic material is sold in sheets that are easy to cut and customise yourself but cutting, sawing, shearing, punching, drilling, nailing, riveting or screwing. Making them perfect for any DIY project. However, if you’d like us to do all the work for you, our Glass Splashbacks will be measured, cut, designed and fitted especially for you.

Have you ordered a sample?
To help you make the best decision, we recommend ordering a sample to see for yourself which material you like the best in the setting you intend you use it. We offer a wide range of printed and coloured glass, as well as our brand new CreoMax Acrylic sheets, available in stunning ultra-high resolution precious stone images.
Contact our friendly sales and design team to compare the price of Glass Splashbacks and CreoMax Acrylic Sheets.

Should I choose Glass Splashbacks or Tiles?

When comparing Glass Splashbacks and Tiled Splashbacks, many factors make the Glass Splashbacks superior
HygieneOur Glass Splashbacks have a non-pours surface with minimal to no join lines, making them super easy and effective to wipe clean of any dangerous bacteria. Tiles have many grout join lines, causing dirt and bacterial build-up, making them hard to clean and unsafe. Over time the grout can become unsightly and stained after the bacteria and dirt gets trapped in its porous surface. This means that even if the cost of a glass splashback is initially higher than tiles, our Glass Splashbacks will last longer, be safer and keep cleaning costs low.
MaintenanceThe maintenance of the glass splashbacks is much cheaper compared to the very expensive tile cleaning and grout cleaning products. The Creoglass Splashback glass is an ultramodern antibacterial surface which only needs very simple and time-effective cleaning products. No more soaking grout in an attempt to improve its appearance. Because of this, Glass Splashback are amazing in bathrooms too, ensuring no limescale or mould build-up with just a simple wipe clean.
Some high-quality tiles can cost up to £50 per 0.25 sqm, making them roughly £200 per square metre. The cost per square meter for printed or coloured Glass Splashbacks is similar. However, as Toughened Glass need to be shaped and produced with cut-outs prior to the toughening process, the overall price is more than the tiles, but the overall quality, design and longevity of glass can be much higher. Based on our designer's and client's reviews, overall glass splashbacks are much easier to maintain, and the overall cost of tiles can be more than glass splashbacks.
DesignGlass Splashbacks come into their own against tiles when it comes to the design possibilities. Glass splashbacks can be customised in endless unique and eye-catching designs. The designs flow seamlessly with a clean and smooth finish, not to be interrupted with minimal to no join lines. A huge downside of tiles is the grid effect of the grout join lines which can’t be escaped, ruining any design effect. Our Glass Splashbacks are available in plain coloured, printed, glittery, textured, mirrored and stencilled designs, and we’ve created over 500 design ideas within these.

How much are Glass Splashbacks?

The cost of a Glass Splashback reflects the high-quality glass and materials used, the labour hours of our highly skilled design and production team and the shaping of the bespoke made-to-measure panels.

The factors that will affect the overall price of your splashback include:


The price of a Glass Splashback is calculated per surface area (sqm). Price per square meter will vary depending on how many individual layers are required to achieve the desired finish and how many labour hours are needed.

Different designs will require more layers and, therefore greater labour hours than other designs. Our basic entry-level splashbacks require a minimum two layers per each panel

Colour Coating
Extra layers can be added to create different effects, for example, sparkle, which would increase the splashback to 3 layers. Some of our CreoGlass bespoke designs may consist of up to 15 individual layers and are created using various materials (e.g. print, glitter, mirror, 24-carat gold, natural mineral flakes etc.) and techniques (e.g. our hand-made stencilling, liquid mirror and cobweb techniques). These splashbacks are classified as “Commissioned Bespoke Designs” and require prototyping.

We use a wide range of high-quality materials to produce our splashbacks all with different costs attached. For example, our mirrored splashbacks take a great amount of care and time to achieve flawless mirrored surfaces. Our Premium Collection uses crushed mineral flakes to achieve its luxurious finish.

Next, you also need to budget for the cost of shaping the glass. Any notches, socket openings, holes for screws or curvatures other than square or rectangular are all extras as they are labour-intensive and are charged at standard rates.

Measuring and Fitting

Another extra cost you should budget for is the cost of measuring and fitting services as these are optional. However, we will guarantee you professional installation backed up with up to 10 years warranty on a fitted product by CreoGlass.

Average Costs:
An average “L” shape kitchen fully fitted with entry-level glass splashbacks could start from around £800-£1800. The standard prices are based on 6mm toughened glass, but you can decide to go for a different thickness of glass if you desire.

Splashbacks with more layers require a longer design stage to ensure all artworks, colours and, custom shades, special add-ons like glittery effects are agreed upon. These splashbacks may cost between £2500-£7000.

To reduce the cost, you can:

1. Reduce complicated shaping

2. Reduce the design level (e.g remove extra layers such as glitter or mirror stripes)

3. Reduce the sqm size

4. Look out for offers and discounts on our Instagram and Facebook social media pages

For more details, please follow the link to our online quotation request, where our team will quickly work out an estimate based on your particular sizes and design choice.

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