Glass Worktops

Glass Worktops

Upgrading your worktop is the first step towards the kitchen of your dreams!

Glossy, Matt, Printed, Glitter, the possibilities are endless with our glass worktops!

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Worktops whether stone, wood, glass, composite or laminate worktops are essential for every kitchen. Every kitchen needs a Worktop. You can have the best looking kitchen, if there is no worktop there is no functional kitchen.

All Worktops or working operating surfaces are the most essential component of every kitchen. From the ancient times whether it was a flatter rock, plank of wood somewhat horizontal levelled surface to enable food preparation like cutting, chopping, peeling etc. ®CreoGlass Worktops are exclusively made to order, they are not stocked making them very unique.

Unlike traditional slab-type worktops, glass worktops require more process and labour hours, so are not suitable for mass market. After glass sheet has bee cut to shape, opening for sink and hob are being made and edges were polished, glass needs to undergo additional processes compare to stone, quarts of wood. Glass worktops need to be toughened, which is a process similar to forging a steel. Glass is rapidly heated and cooled, which increases its strength, gives it flexibility and most importantly makes it heat resistant and break proof.

After this process glass goes to specialist painting shop or for printing to give it the most unique look. You can choose form any colour or any image and we make them colour matching to your splashbacks and overall kitchen design colour theme. When choosing a new worktop, you have a few options to choose from.

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Scratch Resistant Glass Worktops

Printed Glass Worktops

Glossy Coloured Glass Worktops

Luxury Collection Glass Worktops

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