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Bathroom Glass by CreoGlass Design

The right bathroom design can add to the value of your home. Not only will you enjoy it while living there, but these glass products are made specifically for our homes and designed with careful attention paid towards each detail - making them worthy investments indeed! Create a unique bathroom aesthetic with high-quality glass explicitly designed with your home in mind. Bathrooms are areas of our home that we use every day, and with the right design, they can be areas that represent serenity and peace within your home. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful interior decorations while you live there, but your CreoGlass products will increase the value of your home overall, allow you to attract more potential buyers, and make your home stand out when the time comes.

printed glass sunset shower splashback

CreoGlass products are top-tier glass products built to last. From shower splashbacks to full bathroom cladding, our glass designs enhance any architecture. Our glass designs deliver luxurious final results that make your home feel like a sanctuary. Easy to clean and maintain, you can rest assured that your home will look beautiful for years to come. Our glass splashbacks come in a variety of forms including printed, solid colours, mirrors, and more! So whatever your style, our splashbacks will fit right in.

green full bathroom glass cladding

If you can conceive of a glass detail for your bathroom, CreoGlass has the expertise and materials to make it happen. Our customisable products are designed to meet the needs and styles of a wide array of clients. So, if you have any idea for how you want to incorporate glass into your bathroom, contact our team! We would love to be involved in creating the perfect bathroom glass solution to enhance your home and provide a beautiful touch to your bathroom.

The most unique Bathroom ideas in the UK

Here at CreoGlass, we love to create beautiful homes and leave a valuable product and experience for our customer. Bathrooms are a room which we use every day, so it is important to make them a space that we can enjoy. Not only will you get to enjoy the benefits, but renovated bathrooms will also increase the saleable value of your property. A house with ®CreoGlass product is known to attract potential buyers and make your property stand out from the market.

colourful maple leaves printed glass sink splashback

We create quality products that will last

Our bathroom products such as shower splashbacks, sink splashbacks and full bathroom cladding not only look amazing but are also much more hygienic than common bathroom tiles. No more spreading limescale and unsightly mould. Our bathroom glass products have minimal join lines, meaning they don’t hold bacteria and are super easy to clean. Create beautiful glass shower walls in your bathroom using our glass products, from full bathroom cladding to bathroom mirrors.

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