Bathroom splashbacks

printed glass sink splahsback with maple leaves

What are glass bathroom splashbacks?

Glass splashbacks in the bathroom are the modern alternative to bathroom tiles. The splashbacks protect the bathroom walls from splashes of water, steam, heat and damp.

Bathroom tiles quickly gather mould and stain along grouting lines. This means bathroom tiling is notoriously difficult to clean - even bleach doesn’t keep the grouting white for long. However, glass bathroom splashbacks comprise of one single seamless glass panel, with no need for grout. This means that glass splashbacks are easier to clean and much more hygienic with little maintenance needed.

glass sink bathroom splashback creoglass

Glass splashbacks are also a stunning design feature in a bathroom with a large scope for you to be able to choose any design. You might see a design you like in a magazine, or in the bathroom of a luxury hotel - and at ®CreoGlass, we can make it happen. All our designs are handmade and we love the use of glass in the bathroom.

What are the benefits of using glass for a bathroom splashback?

forest printed glass splashbacks behind sink

The beauty of a glass splashback in the bathroom is in the variety available. The expanse of a glass splashback allows you to inject a rich, vibrant colour into your bathroom. Or you might prefer a neutral tone such as grey, black or white or earthy/water colours.

There are also ranges of patterns and images available, including bespoke printed images for those wanting a personal touch or to make a statement. Mirrored tiles can make a bathroom feel bigger and also provide a useful looking glass.

Alternatively, for those wanting to create a talking point, you might want to choose glitter splashbacks that make your bathroom stand out.

Is a glass splashback in the bathroom safe?

glass sink printed beach splashback

Yes because at ®CreoGlass we manufacture toughened glass. Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than normal glass. It is created by heating regular glass to 650°C and then cooling it down. If forced, this toughened glass will break into small blunt pieces under pressure - with no dangerous, sharp shards of glass.

There are so many benefits to using toughened glass:

* Infinite choices and style and colour* Heat resistant One seamless panel - no grouting Durable Easy to wipe clean Safe**

Find out more about the benefits of glass splashbacks and give us a call for a free consultation on 01923 819 684. We are always happy to give you a specific quote so you know the costs.