Splashbacks by Collection

Crystal Stones Collection

Our Crystal Stones Collections is inspired by our private database of stone images, such as marble, onyx and granite. Injected with glitter veins to achieve a beautiful luxurious design, available nowhere else on the market. This design is just as special as the stones that it’s inspired by.

Classic Splashbacks

Available in Plain (Glossy) and Matt finishes. One of our most popular designs, our classic splashbacks are timeless. We’re able to create any colour, enabling you to find the perfect splashback to fit into your home. If you’d like to see some advice on design and colour tip, click here

Mirrored Splashbacks

All mirrored splashbacks are sold toughened to insure complete safety behind your hob. Available in Toughened (Plain), Antique, Mirror Striped, Patterned Mirror, Liquid Mirror designs. Mirrored Splashbacks increase the illusion of space and light.

Printed Splashbacks

Our Printed Splashbacks allow you to get creative with your kitchen! Add some personality with a printed textured, pattern, landscape, cityscape, underwater, peacock, gradient, abstract, food and drink, and flower design. Your imagination is the only limit with our printed designs!

Glitter Splashbacks

Dazzle your guests with a glitter splashback. Available in Luxury, 100% Luxury, Fine Sparkle, 100% Fine Sparkle, and Fibres designs. For full drama, choose one of our 100% designs. Alternatively, fine sparkles allow you to choose different densities of glitter for a more subtle effect.

Stencilled Splashbacks

Combine different colours and densities of glitter with a stencilled splashback. Stencils are a beautiful way to customise a plain coloured splashback and create a splashback unique to you. Available in Arabic, Ganesh, Swirls and Custom designs.

Textured Splashbacks

Textured splashbacks add a 3D depth. Available in Creo-Kiln, Premium, and Cobweb designs. All designs in this collection have their own personality, ranging from our more subtle Cobweb design with intricate patterns, to the dazzling crushed minerals in our premium collection.

Splashbacks by Colour

Shop by Splashbacks Colour! Red, green, grey, silver, black, white, pink, blue, yellow, purple and more Splashbacks in various finishes and designs.

Bespoke glass kitchen splashbacks manufactured by ®CreoGlass

At ®CreoGlass we are proud to be able to offer the largest range of bespoke glass kitchen splashbacks in the UK and EU with over 500 high-quality kitchen splashback style ideas to suit your aesthetic.

Alternatively, you can create your own design - customers come to us with an image they like and we make it happen. When we say your imagination is the only limit - we truly mean it.

We can guarantee that our bespoke splashbacks are special, unique and absolutely stunning. Your kitchen will be like no other.

Some of our best selling designs are the Plain Colour Splashbacks, Toughened Mirror Splashbacks and our Premium Collection Splashbacks.

We love art

The right artwork on your bespoke glass kitchen splashback can make a huge different to the room, changing the energy and mood. Artwork with movement and vibrant colours can make a visual impact and immediately create a uniqueness that other kitchens won’t have.

Block colour splashbacks are a popular choice, while adding glitter is a favourite in open plan kitchens used for evening socialising. You can also choose from a range stencilled hand-made artworks outlined in a contrasted colour.

A printed glass kitchen splashback can feature whatever artwork you want, whether it is a bespoke idea or a trendy cityscape, spectacular peacock feather graphics or stunning visual textures that are sure to add depth to your wall. 

Have a look at our Image Gallery or Instagram for splashback inspiration.

The benefits of toughened glass

There are a multitude of benefits to using glass for your bespoke kitchen splashbacks. They are:

  • Anti-bacterial 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Heat and impact resistant
  • Flexible – can be cut to fit any shape
  • Easy to match to the interior with a variety of colours available
  • Long lasting with no risk of discolouration

No Competition

Wood work surfaces are incredibly high maintenance and mark easily, granite surfaces easily stain and laminate looks cheap and isn’t hard wearing. Stainless steel can look too cold and reminds people of a school kitchen. Marble might look luxurious, but it very easily scratches and stains, while quartz work surfaces discolour over time. By choosing a Creoglass glass splashback over tiles you will no longer have to deal with unsightly grout that deteriorates over time and is a lot more hygienic as it is a non-porous surface and does not hold bacteria like the grouting in tiles does so it is much safer for your family.

Only toughened, scratch-proof glass avoids all of these problems. If you like the look of another material, but want to enjoy the benefits of toughened glass, take a look at our textured kitchen splashbacks.

All our Splashbacks use toughened glass making them heat resistant up to 400°C and impact-proof so you have no worries with them going behind your hob or if you were to accidentally knock them with a frying pan. Not only will the splashbacks bring a WOW factor to your kitchen but they also offer a functional purpose; easy to clean and maintain using any household glass cleaner. They are secured and sealed to the wall with silicone adhesive and once installed would last the lifetime of your kitchen.

Our professional service

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, personal service to our customers; we take the time to truly understand what you want and we make it happen. We will share our knowledge and our expertise with you to make it easy for you to make an informed decision.

If you want to chat about the possibilities of bespoke glass kitchen splashbacks, give us a call us on 01923 81984, or email us on [email protected]


Printed Splashbacks

Classic Splashbacks

Mirrored Splashbacks

Textured Splashbacks

Stenciled Splashbacks

Glitter Splashbacks

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