Silver Kitchen Splashbacks

deep silver premium splashback

What is a glass kitchen splashback?

A glass kitchen splashback is a panel of toughened glass behind a cooker, sink or counter that protects the wall from:

  • Steam
  • Moisture
  • Splashes of food, boiling water or oil from cooking
  • Steam

Silver kitchen splashbacks that shimmer and shine

If you have fallen out of love with your neutral kitchen, or you are doing a kitchen extension or renovation, a silver kitchen splashback is a great way to add some wow factor.

Silver reflects light, making your kitchen feel more spacious and creating a pretty light display on the walls when the light shines in through the windows.

Modern, minimalist white kitchens are popular and silver works well with white. Both silver and white reflect the light, providing a feeling of space. Touches of silver will add life and energy to the kitchen, preventing the ultra-modern from becoming too clinical.

Silver also oozes luxury and opulence, such as the shimmering silver in the ®CreoGlass Premium Collection Splashbacks.

deep silver textured splashback

The ®CreoGlass Toughened Mirrored Splashbacks also include toughened silver mirror splashbacks which reflect the kitchen to instantly add the feeling of a much bigger interior. Our Silver Mirrored Splashbacks also look amazing in designs such as liquid mirror, antique and patterned mirror.

silver toughened mirror splashback anitique mirror 7 splashbacks silver liquid mirror tuoghened splashback floral pattern silver mirror splashback

If your kitchen has a bar area, or you like throwing a party, take a look at the Silver Glitter Splashbacks including the Silver Fine Sparkles splashback.

silver grey luxury kitchen splashback

silver sparkle sample
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If you're a fan of the metalic sparkle of our silver sparkles but would prefer to add some warm tones to your kitchen, consider our copper splashbacks. On the other hand, if sparkly silver is just not for you, take a look at the more muted tones with matt finishes.

silver grey matt finish splashback
Matt Finish Mirror

Is it safe to have a splashback made from glass?

Our silver kitchen splashbacks are made from toughened glass which is the safest choice. The glass is toughened glass which is manufactured by heating regular glass to 650°C and then cooled back down. If the glass is put under pressure it will break into blunt pieces rather than sharp shards. If you want to see how tough the glass is, take a look at our ®CreoGlass video.

®CreoGlass is an independently owned business and this means that we take the time to get to know you and what you want. Find out more about our silver splashbacks for your kitchen, give us a call for a free consultation on 01923 819 684.

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