Copper Splashbacks

Copper splashbacks are a trendy choice for their ability to add warm tones to a room. They're often a popular choice amongst grey, white and black kitchens. Copper splashbacks match beautifully with brass and copper tap and hardware features. If your kitchen features any copper cabinet trim, handles or a copper faucet, then a copper splashback is something you should consider.

We offer a variety of copper designs, from our luxury collection to 100% fine glitter sparkle.

Copper 100% Luxury Splashbacks

Our copper 100% luxury splashbacks offer a vibrant copper look—the design layers copper glitter and flakes to achieve its luxurious, dazzling finish. This design is perfect for those who want to create a modern, glamourous kitchen.

100 luxury copper glitter splashback
100% Luxury Collection Splashback in Copper

100 luxury copper glitter splashback
100% Luxury Collection Splashback in Copper

Copper Crystal Stones Splashbacks

If you like the idea of copper but think that a full copper splashback will be overpowering in your kitchen, we can incorporate copper into many of our designs. Our Oprah crystal stones collection with the copper veins is a beautiful example of this. The copper blends gradually into the white, creating a lovely marble veins effect.

oprah crystal stone diy hob splashback
Oprah Crystal Stones Hob Splashback with Copper Veins

crystal stone splashback with copper veins
Famida Crystal Stones Splashback with Copper Veins

Copper 100% Fine Sparkle Splashbacks

Our 100% fine sparkle copper splashbacks are ever-growing in popularity. You have the choice to back the sparkles with black or white for your perfect desired effect. The copper glitter particles dance as they reflect any light source they can soak in. As you can see below, the 100% fine sparkle splashbacks benefit the extra light from uplit cabinets.

100 fine sparkle splashback in copper
100% Fine Sparkle Splashback in Copper

100 fine sparkle copper splashback
100% Fine Sparkle Splashback in Copper

copper 100 fine sparkle glitter splashback
100% Fine Sparkle Splashback in Copper

Copper Granite Luxury Splashbacks

Our luxury collection splashbacks is an exclusive design created by CreoGlass Design. If you like our 100% luxury copper splashbacks, but you would like something slightly less bling, then the copper granite will help you create a show-stopping splashback.

luxury collection glitter splashback in copper granite
Luxury Collection Splashback in Copper Granite

Please contact our team if you would like any tips or ideas on which splashback to choose for your kitchen, we're always happy to help.