Full Bathroom Glass Cladding

Create a seamless easy to clean surfaces in almost any colour or design.

The modern and more hygienic alternative from traditional tiling.

Full Bathroom Glass Cladding

Green Bathroom Glass Cladding
Green Bathroom Glass Cladding
Pink Bathroom Glass Cladding
Pink Bathroom Glass Cladding
Printed Glass Cladding
Printed Glass Cladding


• 6mm Low Iron Glass Panels
• No Grouting and Gaps That Can House The Build-up of Lime-scale And Mould.
• Sealed With Silicone Leaving a Perfect Non-porous Surface.
• Easy to Wipe Clean
• Made to measure so they can fit perfectly around any corners, cabinets and other fixtures.
• Seamless Finish

Available in:

• Almost any colour or design.
• Choose a design from our catalogue or design with our Graphic Design Team
• Colour Match to Any Colour

Full glass bathroom cladding is the modern and more hygienic alternative to traditional tiling.

What is Bathroom Glass Cladding?

Bathroom Glass Cladding is fitting of 6mm low iron glass panels to your bathroom walls and surfaces, similar to the placement of traditional tiles.

Unlike bathroom tiling, bathroom glass cladding has no grouting and gaps that can house the build-up of lime-scale and mould. All edges are sealed with silicone leaving a perfect non porous surface.These glass panels are easy to wipe clean making your bathroom cleaner and more hygienic.

These back painted glass panels can be customised to many colours and designs.

Where can I have glass cladding fitted?

All glass panels can be fitted virtually any surface. You can have glass panels around the bath, in shower enclosures and around sinks. All panels are all made to measure so they can fit perfectly around any corners, cabinets and other fixtures.

Size isn’t an issue, panels can run from floor to ceiling. Panels can be fitted into widows and recesses for the complete seamless finish. All panels are firmly held in place with strong silicone adhesive. This simple installation method means panels can even be installed over existing tiles.

How does the glass go around my fixtures and fittings?

Glass has to be specially cut to fit around fixtures fittings and plumbing. Cut-outs can be made for everything, from all wiring fittings such as switches and sockets, to all plumbing and mounting fixtures such as shower and tap fittings.

All full glass cladding projects required careful measure and surveying. For the perfect result we recommend using our own templating and fitting services. Our survey teams are specially trained to take care of all templating and fitting of the glass panels to ensure the best possible finish. You can find out more about the services we offer on our services page.

How can I customise my style

We offer the same fantastic range available for our kitchen glass splashbacks for all bathroom glass cladding. You can match to any colour or choice from a huge range of designs.

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Visit Our Showroom

Contact us to book a visit to our showroom. We have lots of samples available to view here, and our team can advise with designing the perfect splashbacks for you.

Order Samples

Samples are designed to demonstrate colour rendering on the back of the glass as close as possible as it would appear in your kitchen. Samples are available in S, M, L, XL.

How do I Request a Free Estimate?

We offer a FREE estimation service. There are several ways to request a free online estimated price. You can send us a video, photos, rough detention sketches or a floor plan.


We offer a full measuring and fitting service. It is a crucial part of the project!