Glass shower walls

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What is a glass shower wall?

A glass shower wall is a single sheet of expertly toughened bathroom glass with cut-outs made around brackets or plumbing fittings. This shower wall covers and protects the surrounding area from water, heat, soap and steam.

In addition to being highly protective, preventing rotting and mould, the shower walls look stunning. You can customise the glass with any of the handmade ®CreoGlass splashback finishes.

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What can you use instead of tiles in a shower?

Tiles in bathrooms are now seen as dated. Glass shower walls have overtaken tiles as the most popular type of splashback. Glass can also incorporate your sink area and the main bathroom walls.

The glass reflects the light, filling your bathroom with brightness and colour and making the bathroom feel much bigger.

Glass shower walls are much more hygienic than tiles and much easier to clean with no grouting and no need for bleach or other harsh chemicals. The glass will keep its lustre, leaving your shower looking sparkling clean.

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What are the benefits of toughened glass?

  • At ®CreoGlass we use toughened glass - an ideal choice for shower rooms with numerous benefits:
  • The colour of the glass won’t fade over time
  • Glass is easy to clean and maintain
  • Glass is very tough and heat resistant up to 400°C
  • The glass can be personalised so that your shower will be unique

Access all areas

If you wish you can visit our factory to see the handmade designs, meet the team and sit with the designer as they take your vision and create your unique shower wall. This will certainly be a talking point when you have guests!

Give your shower the wow factor

The shower gets used every day, so it makes sense to make it a beautiful space. There are some stunning examples of shower walls that make a dramatic impact. Whether you like images of the natural world such as a cascading waterfall or rainforest visual or a luxurious marble pattern, there is something for every taste at ®CreoGlass. You can make it feel like you are in a 5* hotel, every day.

If you are looking for a sleek design, you can even match the glass design on your bathroom walls, sink and shower for a fully personalised bathroom.

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How much does a glass shower wall cost?

®CreoGlass are always happy to talk about pricing - we guarantee value for money and there will be no hidden costs. Give us a call for a free consultation on 1923 819 684.

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