Textured Splashbacks

Add New Depths to Your Kitchen Splashbacks

Beautiful glass splashbacks with an added 3D dimension.

We have a stunning variety of textured splashback collections. Take your splashback one step further with a 3D depth to your splashback. Our textured splashback use a variety of materials to create mesmerising and unique designs.

Why choose a glass splashback?

Like all of our splashbacks, the textured splashbacks not only look visually stunning, but they also hold a lot of practical value. They’re heat resistant up to 400°C scratch and impact resistant. They’re also hygienic, easy to clean and anti-bacterial, making them an investment that will add value to you kitchen for years to come.

Three eye-catching collections.

Our textured splashbacks are available in creo-kiln, premium collection and cobweb collection. All these collections are available to order as samples for you to see how they’ll look in your own home.

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