Order Your CreoGlass Samples Today!

Our samples come in four main sizes S, M, L, XL and are made using 6mm low iron glass. The samples are designed to demonstrate colour rendering on the back of the glass as close as possible as it would appear in your kitchen. Small samples are supplied non-toughened in a presentable packages designed by CreoGlass. Largest samples are supplied toughened with polished edges. For further details on colour rendering and product limitations please refer to our terms & conditions.

The importance of ordering a sample.

Lighting can be a huge factor in the appearance of a splashback. Artificial and natural light sources must be taken into account and can change the way the colour of a splashback can appear completely. Colours can also appear very differently depending on which screen you look at them on. By ordering a sample, you can see for yourself exactly how the colours will appear in the setting of your own home, rather than being surprised that the colour hasn’t turn out exactly how you were expecting or how you saw it look elsewhere. Take these images below as an example:

Colour Varitaion in samples 2

All customers here have chosen the colour ‘Pure Orange’. You can see how the artificial light creates a brighter, more vidid colour with more variation in shades. Natural or low light creates a more even, flatter colour tone.

Colour Varitaion in samples 2

If you’re stuck between choose similar tones, please be aware that within one plain colour splashback, the lighting conditions will create many tones within the splashback, depending on where you’re stood and the amount of natural or artificial light each area is receiving. When we create printed splashbacks, we can adjust the colours of the design to suit your needs. We highly recommend that if your choosing a printed splashback you order a printed sample of your design. This is because colours can appear differently on different screens, and colour settings can be varied from one screen to another, therefore, seeing the colours on a sample in the setting of your home is the only way to insure you see the exact representation of the colours in your design.