Premium Collection Splashbacks

Create a dazzling show-stopping splashback with our Premium Collection. Real crushed minerals.

Our Premium Collection Splashbacks harness the natural beauty of crushed minerals and its natural colours and 3D deep structured design on the back of strong, heat resistant toughened glass. This gorgeous decorative glass has specks of crushed minerals with look amazing in natural or artificial lighting. The individual flakes of minerals and hand layered and each catch the light at different angles, creating a beautiful organic glimmer in all lighting conditions. This contemporary finish is one of our most exclusive & top of the range collections.

Available in 5 striking colour designs.

Our Premium Collection is available in 5 exclusive colour designs. Deep Mix, Deep Silver, Deep Gold, Deep Bronze and Egyptian Gold. You can order Samples to see the beautiful details of these designs up close.

An award winning collection.

Hand-made and created in house at CreoGlass design. We are proud to say that the Deep Silver from this splashback collection won a Silver A’Design Award in 2017. What initially began as an artistic trial, became a well-refined manufacturing method using natural minerals. Extensive hours go into preparing these raw materials to ensure the stunning glimmering metallic finish looks its best.


• 6mm Toughened Glass
• Maximum Panel Length Of 4.5 Metres
• Made With Raw Mineral Flakes
• All UK Made Toughened Glass
• Impact & Heat Resistant Up To 400°C
• Cut-Outs For Sockets & Switches
• Use Any Chemical To Clean Surfaces

Creo Glass

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