Black Kitchen Splashbacks

jet black matt finish splashback

What is the best splashback for a kitchen?

Toughened glass dominates the market as the best kitchen splashback, overtaking outdated kitchen tiles on both beauty and function. All splashbacks are designed to protect the walls from:

  • Moisture
  • Steam
  • Heat
  • Splashes of food, boiling water or oil from cooking

However, toughened glass splashbacks beat kitchen tiles to fit this purpose more effectively.

Why are glass kitchen splashbacks better than tiles?

A splashback is a single slab of glass - no grouting needed, easy to simply wipe down, and therefore more hygenic. The grouting between tiles is difficult to clean and attracts mould and dirt. No matter how many times you bleach grouting and what specialist products you use, mould will keep on coming back and you never get that freshly grouted look again. Kitchen tiles can also get ‘grout haze’ a semi-white film left after grouting that is difficult to clean off.

Not only do glass kitchen splashbacks outperform kitchen tiles on function, but they also look better, reflecting light and looking sparkling new year after year. And with an unlimited amount of design options, glass splashbacks are the clear winner. Glass splashbacks simply ooze luxury, while kitchen tiles can quickly look shabby.

black glass sample

On-trend: black kitchen splashbacks

Interior designers have been adding touches of black to kitchens this year to add sophistication, glamour and style. Injecting bold, dark colour into your kitchen will immediately make the space look stylish and black kitchen splashbacks add a chic statement. To obtain a look that no one else has, talk to our graphic designers to create a bespoke design.

A completely white kitchen is a classic, modern look, but it can look too clinical. A black kitchen splashback will immediately provide a fashionable contrast to minimal white decor.

Alternatively, for a dark, dramatic look, you can complement a black kitchen splashback with black cabinetry.

Likewise, a black kitchen splashback would be beautifully placed with one of our Scratch Resistant Worktops, in matt black. Our Glossy Glass Worktops or Luxury Worktop would also look sheek against a black kitchen splashback.

If you want to add some glamour to the kitchen, take a look at our luxury collection splashbacks. These splashbacks combine metallic elements, natural minerals and pigments to sparkling effect. The starlight colour choice sets the sparkle off against a black background, like a starry night sky.

luxury collection splashback

We also offer Fine Sparkles Glitter Splashbacks which allows you to add different densities of glitter to a black kitchen splashback for a fully luxurious finish.

black glitter sparkle

There are also a variety of other ®CreoGlass design options. Take a look at a black patterned kitchen splashback, black printed gradient splashback or our Italian Collection for inspiration.

black to white printed gradient splashback

To discuss the huge range of ®CreoGlass black kitchen splashbacks, give us a call for a free consultation with our knowledgeable team on 01923 819 684.

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