Blue kitchen splashbacks

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The freedom of kitchen splashback design

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Kitchen splashbacks are the perfect excuse for you to play around with colour and inject some personality into your kitchen. You can opt for a subtle touch of colour in a neutral kitchen or add some dazzle if you want to create a bold kitchen space. Whether your kitchen is modern and sophisticated or traditional and cosy, ®CreoGlass has it covered.

The kitchen is often the show-piece of the home. The trend is to have an open-plan kitchen where the food preparation area can be seen from the dining or lounge area. When the kitchen is visible from the living area, the kitchen splashback can’t be basic - it is designed to be seen. The sky's the limit with glass splashback design!

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Sophisticated blue kitchen splashbacks

Blue is one of the most popular colours for kitchens as it is so versatile and such a comforting colour. Dark blue is sophisticated and luxurious, especially when paired with gold or marble. Sky blue is tranquil.

There are also various themes which centre on the colour blue. The romantic French kitchen style conjures up the Azure Sky Blue and white of the French Riviera. A nautical theme incorporates sea blue or Sky Blue.

Alternatively you might want a more intricate look. Moroccan tiles are on-trend, but our graphic designers can create blue tiles as printed pattern splashbacks, so you can have the fashionable look without the hassle of grouting.

For some high-end blue glamour, take a look at:

Why use toughened glass?

Toughened glass is stronger than regular glass, strengthened by controlled thermal and chemical treatments. After it has been toughened, it will break down into small chunks rather than sharp shards if the glass is broken.

Glass outperforms traditional tiling splashbacks on all levels. With no need for grouting, the look is ‘seamless’ and sleek, easier to clean and more hygenic. The glass also looks so much better than tiles which can quickly discolour and look shabby.

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