Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Grey Toughened Mirror Splashback

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks by CreoGlass is always a Toughened Glass

black to blue gradient splashbacks

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks have become the household standard of wall covering superseding their predecessors - traditional tiles. Glass splashbacks become a new industry altogether. In today’s market, you can find mind-boggling ideas. They all range in quality choices, materials, but mainly in the quality of service and price. A new kitchen is a substantial investment, and so is the glass splashback. Don’t underestimate the importance of kitchen splashbacks, as they will create the main focal feature in the hub of your home. You have to make sure it’s measured and fitted currently. ®CreoGlass famous splashbacks are made to last and will probably outlive your kitchen!

Splashback Types: Kitchen Glass Splashbacks are available in two main distinctive types in terms of installation. DIY Splashbacks, the ones you can simply install your self Hob Splashbacks. These are single available online in standard sizes, and then there are Bespoke Kitchen Glass Splashbacks that need to be measured and fitted by skilled professionals.

red onyx fantastico hob splashback

Material Quality:!

glass material profile

Generally, you should be buying only Heat-Treated, so-called Toughened Glass Splashbacks, but the market is full of roque suppliers from which you should stay away. Kitchen Glass Splashbacks must always be toughened so they are break-resistant, withstand the heat and are overall safe for your home. ®CreoGlass splashbacks come with up to 10 years guarantee, and all your splashbacks are made from only the best heat-resistant toughened glass.

Splashbacks Range: The more extensive choice will increase the chances you will find the right design for your kitchen and taste. CreoGlass Design, unlike many other splashback providers, comes from a designer and customer service background rather than from the glazing industry. Designer background and focus on customer service give CreoGlass a market-leader position as wells artistic flare, pioneering splashback industry to the world’s forefront of designs and innovation.

Crystal Stones Splashbacks is our latest collection release and inspired by natural semiprecious stones. We’ve translated natural beauty onto glass splashbacks creating the most stunning Kitchen Glass Splashbacks range in the UK.

crystal stone Chloecrystal stone blue and gold detail

Our toughened Mirrored Splashbacks range has been the best seller ever since we developed toughened mirror process back in 2015. Toughened mirrors are still relatively rare due to the difficulty of their production. It is almost impossible to produce toughened mirrors on a large scale.

bronze toughened mirror splashback

®CreoGlass Antique Mirror Splashbacks, sometimes referred to as distressed mirrors, rustic mirrors, vintage mirrors, or muffled mirrors, have essentially derived from our standard Toughened Mirror Splashbacks. We have produced eight antique mirror designs to choose from, and we can deliver consistent identical patterns.

antique mirror grey rustic kitchen

deep silver premium collection textured collection splashback

Premium Collection Splashbacks are part of our Textured Splashbacks. A hand-made range of Deep Silver, Deep Bronze, Deep Gold, Deep Mix. Here we’re using solid stone minerals to create a 3D textured finish perfect to compliment wooden materials, stone, steel or transparent glass features in your home. Premium collection splashbacks are our winner at International A'Design Award & Competition in Italy and a trademarked design of ®CreoGlass.

design awards

azure sky blue splashback

Matt Finish Splashbacks are part of our Classic Splashbacks range. Non-reflective glass highly sought after due to the current trends of modern minimalism. Matt Finish Splashbacks are available in all colours; however, due to its acid edged surface, colours will render slightly lighter than other surfaces. Acid-edged glass is usually prone to grease stains, so we use nano-coating technology to protect the matt surface from greasy stains further.

100 luxury copper splahsback

Copper Glass Splashbacks or Rose Gold Splashbacks have been popular in recent years. It is a close correlation to the latest kitchen designs incorporating copper railing elements. There is also a huge range of kitchenware and all sorts of household accessories from kettles, toasters to lampshades, furniture details, decorations, to the kitchen glass splashbacks in copper colours. We have created many different copper splashbacks, with the most popular being our 100% Luxury Copper Splashbacks and 100% Fine Sparkle Copper Splashbacks.

100 fine copper splashback

red printed abstract splashback

Printed Splashbacks have evolved enormously over the years and became the creative industry tool to express your designer sleeping deep inside you. With our full in-house production, printed, and graphic design, we help you to navigate through the vast choices of printed splashback designs and help you to create the most personalised bespoke splashback exclusive only to you.

There many more Kitchen Glass Splashbacks designs in our range, and you should consider spending time browsing our website, visit our factory showroom or obtaining a sample to make the right decision.

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At ®CreoGlass, we offer a combination of high-quality products and service. The passion and commitment of our staff deliver the products to the highest possible standard. ®CreoGlass is highly desirable in the UK and worldwide for its quality product, innovative design and years of experience. We sell beautiful and top quality made to measure glass splashbacks for all kitchens.

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