Lime Green Kitchen Splashbacks

lime green glass worktops and upstands

Which style of splashback is right for my kitchen?

The style that you will decide on will depend on the style of the rest of your home - whether the interior is a cosy country kitchen or a modern Scandinavian design. It will also depend on your personal taste.

lime green glass splashback

Even if you have something specific in mind, why not take a look at our whole range as something different may catch your eye:

The popularity of lime green kitchen splashbacks

The colour green is usually associated with nature and freshness, and, if used correctly, it can be an ideal shade for your kitchen.

Lime green is a colour which sits between green and yellow - bright and crisp. A lime green splashback is the perfect shade to create a contemporary feel in your kitchen.

When fitting a lime green splashback, consider the surrounding setting for your splashback - you can create some really different looks with the same colour. One interior design trend is to layer green on green. For example, a bright lime green splashback will look fabulous surrounded by darker olive green cabinetry. A lime green splashback also looks very stylish against a chic black kitchen - the brightness of the green really stands out surrounded by glossy black. If you think lime green might be too vibrant for your kitchen, consider duck egg or green splashbacks instead.

Of course, lime green takes its name from the lime citrus fruit. Take a look at the powerful images in our printed food and drink splashback collection. The action shot with the limes water really draws the eye, adding energy and verve to any plain kitchen and can give a rather mundane kitchen a distinctive look.

lime green colour kitchen glass splashback samples

The benefits of toughened glass splashbacks

There are so many benefits to using ®CreoGlass toughened glass for your green kitchen splashback:

  • One seamless panel - no grouting
  • Infinite choices and style and colour
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Hygienic
  • Maintains a high shine and lustre
  • Makes the kitchen feel bigger

Our team will be able to advise you on how lime green will work in your kitchen and which colour will be best for you.

To take a look at our range of lime green kitchen splashbacks call for a free consultation on 01923 819 684. If you need to budget, we are happy to give you a personal quote!

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