Duck Egg Kitchen Splashbacks

Duck egg blue kitchen splashback - playful and sophisticated

When renovating or refurbishing your kitchen you will probably spend some time researching what colour your new kitchen will be. Duck egg blue is a really popular colour in kitchens at the moment for those looking for an alternative to white. It is easy to see why, as duck egg blue is so fresh, light and dreamy. It is a colour that is often used in high-end spas to cultivate a relaxed environment. Duck egg colour splashbacks also look amazing with some fine sparkle glitter to give them the extra wow effect.

duck egg kitchen glass splashback and fine sparkle

Duck egg blue is similar to sky blue. The colour pigment for this shade is fairly recent - discovered towards the end of the 19th Century. If you think the shade looks familiar, duck egg blue is a lighter version of the famous Tiffany & Co blue which adorns all their gift boxes. In this way, the colour is associated with luxury. Double up the luxury feeling with a duck egg coloured glass worktop to complement your glass splashback.

duck egg splashback and worktop

Alternatively, adding a printed design is a beautiful way to add some personally to your kitchen splashback. Peacock feathers are a popular design with duck egg blue as the feathers complement the colour.

duck egg peacock splashback

We have a huge variety of Glass Samples in stock. If you want us to colour match something individually, you will have to wait while we order the sample. Whatever you choose, all our colours are UV stable and come with up to a 10-year guarantee. Find out how light can affect the way a colour appears.

tuscan glade glass sample

Which style of splashback is right for my kitchen?

The style that you will decide on will depend on the style of the rest of your home and your personal taste.

Even if you have something specific in mind, do take a look at our whole range to be sure:

Is it safe to have glass splashbacks around children?

All glass splashbacks from ®CreoGlass are toughened and 100% safe for children. The glass is toughened glass which is manufactured by heating regular glass to 650°C and then cooling it back down. If the glass is put under pressure it will break into small chunks rather than sharp shards. If you want to see how tough the glass is, take a look at our ®CreoGlass video.

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