Advantages Of Toughened Glass Splashbacks & Worktops

What are the Advantages Of Toughened Glass Splashbacks & Worktops? Glass Worktops are the most hygienic type for your kitchen complimented with easy to clean splashback. Creoglass Design are specialists in glass splashbacks and worktops offering the most extensive selection of designs in Europe. There are many advantages of using toughened glass to protect the[…]

Urban Adventure – Glass Artwork to Bring the Outside in

Reconnecting with the outside world is something more and more important as our modern lives delve deeper and deeper into our digital screens. Theresa Hatchett helped hundreds of parents and children in London find balance between social media and nature through her parent support work. Urban Adventure offers indoor and outdoor family activities. As a[…]

Glassworktops and Splashbacks

Glass Worktops and Splashbacks have the ability to completely revamp a kitchen or bathroom. With so many different choices it can be tricky to find the perfect one, so we thought we would help. Here, at CreoGlass, we have put together a guide on glass worktops and splashbacks to help you decide which style to go[…]

How to Remove and Replace Glass Splashbacks?

How to Remove and Replace Glass Splashbacks? The important part of removing and replacing of the glass splashbacks is the actual installation in the first place. The choice of glass, fixing or adhesion as well as excessive use and application pattern of glue adhesive will make it extremely difficult to remove. I advise to use[…]

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