Kitchen Styling: 5 Tips for Your Splashback

5 Kitchen Styling Tips To Complement Your Splashback

It can be quite a challenge when it comes to making the final decision for your glass splashback. They’re an investment and they’ll be a main feature in your kitchen for many years to come. However, after you’ve chosen your splashback there are other decisions you can make to the styling to help the splashback stand out even more!

1. Handle Accents

gold marble printed pattern mirror splashback

red onyx fantastico crystal stone splashback

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how subtle changes can transform your kitchen, that’s why attention to detail is key. If you have a glass splashback which has a particular colour detail that you want to accentuate, such as these gold or copper detail splashbacks, matching your cabinet handles to these particular colours will draw them out and create a cohesion in your kitchen.

2. Socket covers

gold socket cover on patterned mirror splashback

Changing your socket covers to match your glass splashback will have the same effect as matching your handles to the colours you want to accentuate in your kitchen, however, socket covers are likely to be more noticeable if they don’t match. For designs like mirrors, we believe it’s worth going the extra mile to match your socket covers with brushed chrome, brass or nickel to your splashback. This small change will instantly create a more sophisticated and thoughtful look. It’s the attention to detail that counts.

3. Appliances and Accessories

purple red splashback with matching flowers and chopping board

luxury splashback with red appliances

printed gradient splashback with matching vases

Accessories and appliances can be used to either complement or contrast your splashback. These changes don’t have to be big, expensive or permanent. Something as simple as a bunch of flowers will add a thoughtful touch to compliment your kitchen splashback and make you look like an interior styling pro. As you can see with our ‘starlight’ luxury splashback installation, the customer chose red appliances to contrast their black splashback. This creates a powerful, vibrant and punchy colour scheme compared to if they had chosen black appliances, as these would have blended into the splashback. In the gradient splashback image, we used the vase to create the colour match for this customer's splashback to create a hamoised feel.

4. Wallpaper

100 copper fine sparkle splashback with patterned wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper can be an amazing addition to your kitchen. Choosing a patterned wallpaper will go the extra mile to help your kitchen pop. This pretty floral wallpaper ties the grey cabinets with the copper of the 100% fine sparkle splashback together perfectly. If you love this look for your kitchen, make sure you consider the size and boldness of the wallpaper in comparison to your splashback. As this 100% sparkle splashback is already eye-catching and bold, the subtle floral pattern of the wallpaper doesn’t overcrowd the kitchen. If you choose a plain colour or subtle splashback you can be more bold with the wallpaper choice without anything clashing. Choosing a wallpaper which includes hints of the colours in your kitchen and splashback will draw all the components together.

5. Matching Worktops

espresso delight matching glass worktop and splashback

matching fibres glass worktop and splashback

At CreoGlass, we can create glass worktops to match your glass splashback. As the two sit next to each other, matching them will create a seamless, unified and purposefully designed looking kitchen. Another option would be to create a matching printed glass worktop and splashback with the design flowing across both. This will create a larger canvas for your kitchen design.

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