Six ways to add sparkle to your bathroom with glass


Knowing where to start can be difficult if you're planning on designing a new bathroom. It can often feel like you're banging your head against a brick or, in the case of your bathroom, a tiled wall. However, to us, the answer to this problem is evident, literally. Gone are the days of tiled walls, which become dated with grime and dirt over time. In contrast, tiles may seem like a great choice at first, but after just a few months, the mortar between the tiles often becomes plagued with dirt and grime build-up. Without constant and rigorous cleaning, this can quickly make your bathroom look far older than it is.

Glass is an incredibly versatile material to use in several different ways in your bathroom. We will have a quick look at all the different ways you can use glass in your bathroom to give it an injection of life. You shouldn't just think of glass being used in shower dividers and mirrors. One of the latest trends in the bathroom industry is splashbacks. But what exactly are bathroom splashbacks, and how can you use them in your bathroom?

Bathroom Splashbacks

Bathroom splashbacks quickly become the go-to product for interior designers looking to modernise dated bathrooms. Unlike traditional tiled walls, glass splashbacks aren't in danger of suffering from mould. Often the grout in tiled walls can start to mould. The smooth glass surface can be quickly and easily cleaned with glass splashbacks. You don't have to worry too much about what product you're using, and you can use any chemical to clean the glass surfaces without damage.

Shower Splashbacks

Splashbacks are versatile and can be used in several different areas of the bathroom. If you're looking for a way to spice up your shower, you can use a bespoke splashback to personalise it and get it looking exactly how you'd like. The glass can be customised to fit any colour scheme or interior design style. The image below shows a great way to use a splashback to create a running theme throughout your bathroom. If you'd like to personalise your bathroom, you can often choose unique designs or even incorporate photographs into a printed splashback.

Green Leaves Pattern Black Background

Glass walls and splashbacks

One of the best places to use splashbacks is on bathroom walls and around a sink. When using a sink, water splashes can often leave stains that go without being cleaned. However, glass splashbacks are a modern and sleek alternative to traditional tiles. The glass is entirely water resistant, so there's no need to worry about water damage to your glass surfaces. If you're looking for an ultimate bathroom design, you can even match the glass design on your bathroom walls, sink and shower for a fully personalised bathroom.


Shower Dividers

Shower dividers are a super simple and great way of making the most of what space you have in your bathroom. Using traditional shower curtains often blocks the area behind the curtain and makes a bathroom look much smaller than it is. Instead, with a shower divider, you have a sleek, clear divide for your shower and toilet without compromising on space. You can make your bathroom look spotless by keeping your shower enclosure well polished. What's not to like?

Turquoise Wood Texture Shower Glass Splashback


Mirrors can be a great way to enlarge a bathroom by creating an illusion of extra space and making the most of available light by bouncing it off reflective surfaces. The reflective surface helps to bounce light off surfaces and into darker areas. Non-toughened mirrors are a great option on large bathroom wall claddings or shower enclosures. However, one obvious issue with non-toughened walls is that they aren't reinforced and can be easily broken or damaged compared with other, stricter bathroom materials. One other slight issue with using mirrors in a shower enclosure is the potential for rust and general wear at the mirror's edges; this is caused by a reaction between the silver and water molecules. Rather than choosing a mirror design for your shower, you could opt for a splashback design. Splashbacks are entirely waterproof and still provide a shiny, glossy finish.


House Plants with a glass vase

Adding decorations to a bathroom can be a great way to add personalised touches and draw someone's eye to different parts of the toilet. House plants are an excellent choice for a bathroom as they give a fresh and clean feel, and using a glass vase can add a raw feel by exposing the roots. Before picking your bathroom plant, however, there are a few things you need to consider. Often, bathrooms have low light levels as they have no or very few windows. Also, the use of hot water can often make a bathroom humid. If this applies to your bathroom, you'll need to select plants that can survive in low levels of light and deal with high humidity levels. The humble orchid is one such plant that can survive in wet and dark conditions. The steam from your bathroom will keep your orchid well hydrated and healthy. As orchids are an incredibly versatile plant, you can also choose to move the orchid to other parts of the house to allow some exposure to light while still adding lovely colour to that particular room. Alternatively, if your bathroom is well lit, be sure to pick a plant which can survive in humid conditions, and you're free to choose whichever plant or flower you prefer.


We hope you've picked up some new ideas for decorating your bathroom. Always remember to make your living spaces personal and create designs you love. If you'd like more information on the bathroom design ideas we've featured in this article, please feel free to contact the Creoglass team via email at [email protected].

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