How to Measure a Kitchen Splashback

Made To Measure Glass Splashbacks

How%20to%20measure%20a%20kitchens%20splashback Summary: There are three common techniques to measure a kitchen splashback: using tape measure, templating, and measuring from datum lines. The best technique is measuring from datum lines, which requires only:

  1. spirit level
  2. tape measure
  3. pencil
  4. piece of paper

This method is accurate and does not require any major skills.

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What is a Hob Glass Splashback?

It is a single glass tile fixed to the wall immediately behind the hob in the kitchen. Hob Glass splashbacks are made from Heat-Resistant Glass and come in a vast range of colours of personalised designs. They have become an essential part of any whether it's for a modern or traditional country style kitchen. Compare to tiles, Glass Splashbacks are easy to clean and create a feature focal point for the kitchen, making them an essential, practical and aesthetical kitchen appliance. Due to the nature of toughened heat-resistant glass material, glass splashbacks cannot be cut, drilled or shaved to adjust the size once made. When you order bespoke cut to measure Hob Splashback, it is essential to make sure the measurements are accurate.

How to measure for Bespoke Hob Glass Splashback?

In this article, I will teach you the best techniques for Made To Measure Glass Splashbacks and explain the bad ones to avoid. There are few known techniques when you measure for a single hob glass splashback.

"Width & Height"

(Not Recommended!) is the most common technique using a tape measure to take dimensions of the width and height. It is simple as it seems, however, it is a relatively inaccurate method as it assumes perfect rectangular or square splashback shape. The fact is, most kitchens will not be rectangular and will require a slight rake out of square to achieve the perfectly fitted Made To Measure Glass Splashbacks for your kitchen.

"Template using Cardboard or Black flute plastic floor covering"

(Not Recommended!) is a little bit more fiddly and requires some level of skills depending on what material you choose. Many people would opt-in for cardboard or a flute plastic floor covering as it's readily available. However, both of these materials are susceptible to easy damage, change of shape and overall dimensions. "Template using 4-10mm Plywood or MDF" (Recommended to skilled professionals only!) requires joinery skills, material and tools. This technique is the oldest and the most trusted as it allows you to rehearse the full installation manoeuvring, ensuring the perfect fit. There is a drawback to this technique, however! Templates are large physical, often heavy objects requiring transportation to the glass factory, which is not always possible. Simply put, you cannot email a wooden template!

"Datum Lines"

(Highly Recommended to Everyone!) is the best, easiest, most versatile and mainly accurate of all techniques. It requires minimal skill, spirit level, tape measure, pencil and a piece of paper. When measuring from datum lines, you draw a simple cross roughly in the middle of the hob splashback wall area. Using your spirit level, draw a horizontal line all the way across from left to right just below your kitchen units. Then, draw a vertical line roughly in the middle. It is essential these two lines at 90ยบ (perpendicular) at each other. Now draw a simple rectangular shape on your paper and draw a horizontal and vertical line across your rectangular shape through the middle. Using your tape measure, begin measuring the top vertical line on the wall to the left of your cabinet, then to the right. Repeat the same process taking measurements from the horizontal line going down towards the worktop and then going up towards the bottom of your extractor (if applicable).

Once you assembled your drawings, please take a picture of them and email it to [email protected]. Make sure to include your name, contact number and postcode.

For more details, please watch my video or send me any questions you have. I will be releasing more videos related to valuable tips and advice on kitchen glass splashbacks, so please keep tuned in on my CreoGlass Social Media Channels.

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