Title: Are Glass Splashbacks Safe?

Are Glass Splashbacks Safe?

teal to white printed gradien glass splashback

Your house is a perfect reflection of your personality. Beyond reflecting your status, the materials in your house portray to your friends and family whether your house is old-fashioned or one showered with modern technologies that make it beautiful and attractive.

One of your house materials that attract attention and portray your home as classy is your glass splashbacks. The beautiful splashbacks can help massage your ego by making your kitchen a beautiful attraction with unique colours. Glass splashbacks are the right option if you want to get your friends talking about your home. However, whether they are safe enough to be adopted is what you'll learn in this article.

While splashbacks are traditionally used in the kitchen, they can also be used in the bathroom.

blue glass shower splashabck

Are Glass Splashbacks Safe?

We know you want a classy-looking kitchen or shower, but you may be concerned about its safety or durability. Who wouldn't, given that glass splashbacks can be more expensive than paint, tiled or wooden splashbacks?

Addressing your concerns, all our glass splashbacks are created using toughened glass. We do not deal with non-toughened glass to ensure your safety, money and home is well-protected. Our toughened glass splashbacks are produced at 6mm, which is the industry standard for toughened glass. The effect here is that the glass becomes heat resistant, suitable for use behind the hob. Also, toughened glass is strong and safe against cracks found in non-toughened glass. Toughened glass is also resistant to scratches which weaken the glass. Toughened glass ensures your glass splashbacks are durable and stand the test of time.

Click below to watch our toughened vs non-toughened heat resistance test:

toughened mirror heat test

Safe Against Bacteria and Dirt

Unlike other splashbacks, the toughened glass used in making glass splashbacks is non-porous and antibacterial. If you are conscious about having a healthy environment, glass splashbacks are an ideal alternative to options such as paint, wood or tiles. Aside from its antibacterial surface, one major advantage of glass splashbacks is that they are very easy to clean. Simply use a standard glass cleaner to wipe the surface to make it new again. As easy as it seems, this feature is rare in other forms of splashbacks. However, when cleaning glass splashbacks, avoid the use of plastic, metal, or any other abrasive material or substance which can cause damage to the surface of the glass. Instead of chemicals, easy and natural methods should be adopted in cleaning the surface. Glass splashbacks also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid splashes being difficult to remove.

Take a look at this blog by Cleanipedia to find out their top tips to keeping your glass splashback clean!

plain silver toughened mirror

Glass Splashbacks Reflect Your Taste

Suppose you have a special interest in seeing your house reflect a dynamic taste of fashion. In that case, glass splashbacks may be a suitable option. One of the unique features of glass splashbacks is that they are designed in different colours, prints and designs to match your taste. You can have your glass splashbacks designed in your preferred colour and experience a glittering home in your perfect taste. In choosing the colour of your glass splashbacks, CreoGlass use special primers and paints to ensure your glass splashbacks do not lose their colourful effect sooner than you imagine, with a 10-year warranty against discolouration.

purple red kitchen splashbak

Are Glass Splashbacks Safe for Your Income?

Glass splashbacks are not just safe against heat and cracks; they are also safe considering your income. It is generally conceived that glass splashbacks are expensive. However, you can also opt for alternatives that reflect your income. Our sales team can talk you through your options to reducing the price of your splashback, by choosing different designs or reducing the size of the glass panels.

Although the initial price of a glass splashback may seem higher than other alternatives, they're extremely cheap and easy to maintain, giving them longevity that allows them to last for years to come.

printed oattern glass kitchen splashback

Are Glass Splashbacks Safe?

Glass Splashbacks Are Not Safe for Unskilled Fitters

Unlike other splashbacks, some glass splashbacks require more technicalities for their complicated installation method. Although the need for a professional fitter depends on the type of splashback you wish to install, simple DIY splashbacks can be effectively installed without using our professional fitting services. Our team of fitters have 8 years of experience and a lot of complicated splashback installations under their belt!

creoglass red arabic installation


If you're wondering how safe glass splashbacks can be, with the use of our toughened glass, correct placement by our professional installation team and the correct cleaning techniques, they are undoubtedly very safe and can give your home a royal outlook for many years to come.

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