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Urban Adventure


Urban Adventure – Glass Artwork to Bring the Outside in

Reconnecting with the outside world is something more and more important as our modern lives delve deeper and deeper into our digital screens.

Theresa Hatchett helped hundreds of parents and children in London find balance between social media and nature through her parent support work. Urban Adventure offers indoor and outdoor family activities. As a mum, I help parents create intergenerational bright spots moments and images with their children using nature and art to support the process.

watford park

Theresa is a local photographer and poet based in Watford, Hertfordshire. Her imagery aims to bring the outside in through the power of light. This urban adventure project work tries to bring the outside in. Her most relevant experiences are in living and watching two generations of my family and friend’s children growing up. Parents have the demands to entertain and educate their children with no practical and inspiring tools. Theresa states "I offer parents an answer to the question, is nature part of the puzzle of a healthy mind?"

She has moved the debate on and know that encouraging parents to take practical steps to reconnect their children with the natural world is an inspired way to get them outdoors again.

blossom tree

In support of Theresa's project, Creoglass have helped solidify her imagery to something to enter every home. Creoglass have created a collection of glass wall art that shares a collection of Theresa's images based on seeing natural beauty in unexpected places.

You can find out more about her work and the Urban Adventure project here : www.urbanadventure.org.uk

tree trunk

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