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Bespoke Splashbacks

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks by CreoGlass Design Ltd.

Welcome to the CreoGlass range of kitchen glass splashbacks. As one of the most specialised and experienced design teams working in this area, we’re excited to share with you our collection of over 500 different splashback styles, each one designed and manufactured in-house. We create with you in mind – so that we know you’ll find the perfect product for your kitchen.

Why Glass?

Ever since the Romans first discovered the exceptional qualities of glass, it has been prized for its beauty, its practical applications, its adaptability and its durability. Its no surprise therefore that glass splashbacks are fast becoming the top choice for contemporary designers in the UK. Our team loves working with toughened glass because its perfect as a heat and stain resistant surface for your kitchen; it also serves as constant inspiration to exciting design innovation featuring a glorious range of colours, sparkles and shimmers, textures, mirrored surfaces, and personalised artwork and patterns.

Our Toughened Glass Splashbacks

CreoGlass provides you with peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right product for the job it needs to do. The glass we use is toughened to ensure heat resistance up to 400°C and impact resistance equivalent to a sledge hammer hitting the surface. We design for durability; all our CreoGlass splashbacks carry a ten year guarantee promising lasting style and protection.

Five Reasons Why Glass Splashbacks Are a Great Choice

  1. The glass is a natural material that does not discolour; it will remain as clear and bright as the day you bought it for years to come.
  2. Glass offers anti-bacterial protection for your kitchen surfaces.
  3. Glass is easy to clean using domestic cleaning products and it has a natural shine.
  4. Glass is tough, tough, tough! Its guaranteed heat and impact resistance, equivalent to safety glass, means a surface you can depend on.
  5. Glass is flexible – it can be cut to fit the most awkward of layouts, it looks great, and it comes in a range of colours that make it a design enhancement for any kitchen.
    1. Our Professional Service

      We pride ourselves on offering a personal service to our customers; after all we love our product and we want to have the chance to show it off to you! We provide splashbacks for a whole range of customers from domestic, to corporate, to retail to trade and government, so we’ve got a huge wealth of experience to draw on and we’d love to talk to you about your specific requirements. We can offer design ideas, advice on fitting, tips for working to a budget. Come in and visit – we’d love to have the chance to talk.

      Want to discuss your kitchen splashback requirements? Call us on 01923 81984, or email us on [email protected]

      The Competition

      Granite stains, scratches and weighs an absolute ton. Solid wood marks and scratches easily and has to be oiled twice a year. Laminate can look cheap and is easily damaged. Stainless steel has an unappealing industrial look and scratches easily. Quartz discolours over time when exposed to sunlight, can have very obvious seams and is not as heat resistant as our glass. Marble scratches and stains.

      Only toughened, scratch-proof glass avoids all of these problems, making it the most versatile, toughest, most heat resistant, cleanest, easiest to maintain and most attractive looking worktop surface on the market.

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