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What are appliance splashbacks?

Also known as glass cooker splashbacks, appliance splashbacks protect the walls surrounding your kitchen appliances from splashes, steam, moisture and heat. However, they aren’t just highly practical - home owners are now using splashbacks to add a touch of luxury to their kitchen to achieve a designer look.

In comparison to the flat horizontal surfaces of a kitchen space, kitchen splashbacks are upright and therefore the most focal point when you walk into the kitchen. Until recently, this design space was never explored or utilised. With the innovative use of toughened glass for contemporary splashbacks, it has now become one of the most important kitchen design features across all kitchen styles from modern kitchens to classic country styles.

antique mirror appliance splashback

Why are glass splashbacks more popular than tiles?

Toughened glass splashbacks are the most popular type of splashback. Glass is the ideal material to create kitchen splashbacks as the glass reflects light, producing a stunning array of refractions, filling the kitchen with light and colour. You can also integrate LED lighting into glass splashbacks for a different visual effect. Glass can also incorporate your rangemaster, cooker hood, undermount sink and hob.

Kitchen splashbacks have overtaken traditional kitchen tiles in popularity as splashbacks are a single slab of glass so they are more hygienic and easier to clean. Grouting in between tiles can be difficult to keep clean and can quickly attract mould and grime. Appliance splashbacks combine practicality with design and originality, appearing in new, renovated and refurbished kitchens across the world.

printed pink pattern appliance splashback

Toughened glass splashbacks are also really durable, withstanding heat, oils, stains, foods and cleaning chemicals. This means that your kitchen splashback will continue to sparkle and shine.

The luxury of choice - bespoke, handmade splashbacks

Your home should showcase your personality and there is no better way to do this than by putting your own stamp on our handmade splashbacks. You can choose any printed artwork you desire at ®CreoGlass - something that has personal meaning to you or your family, matches your colour preferences, depicts local images or a cityscape that reminds you of your favourite skyline.

You can also choose an image with similar shades to the rest of the room, especially popular in open-plan kitchens, as this gives a subtle, cohesive feel.

printed lavender appliance splashback

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You can new purchace appliance splashbacks from our DIY Hob Splashback range. These include designs from our most exclusive collections. From our [oprah marble hob splashbacks]to beautifully blended [gradient hob splashbacks]

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