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Our stunning range of glass worktops are the perfect way of expressing your style in the kitchen. You can make a bold statement or create an elegant design that expressed your design preferences, with help from our design team every step of the way. We provide a discount to customers who purchase a glass splashback and glass worktop, allowing you to keep the whole kitchen under our coordinated design umbrella. This keeps the look consistent and attractive throughout the room and allows you a huge range of options for customising your environment.

Design Versatile

Glass doesn’t just have to be clear or one colour – we can create colourful prints, add artwork or give the glass a layer of shimmering glimmer – the possibilities are huge, and will lead to a truly exclusive design, custom created to your exact specifications by our expert team. Our glass is also not just for kitchens. It’s suitable for use as a bar top, for tables or desktops, in restaurants, clubs, hotels – where-ever you need a horizontal surface with style.

Non-Porous and Easy to Clean

Our glass is completely non-porous, meaning that any bacteria on the worktop will be sitting on the surface, making it extremely easy to wipe away. You don’t have to worry about bacteria leaching into the surface like with wood, and it won’t stain like wood, granite and marble do. Our glass can be cleaned with any household cleaners as it is chemical resistant. If you are concerned about hygiene then buying a toughened glass worktop from us is the perfect solution. No mess, no bacteria, no problems.

Tougher than Stone!

Our toughened glass is harder than any stone. It’s extremely durable and tough to break, even with a hammer!
Our glass is also heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Celsius, meaning that you can put your pots and pans onto it without fear of cracking or other damage. Imagine doing this with wood, laminate, or even most stone! It would cause irreparable damage and ruin the look of the kitchen. That isn’t a worry with our glass. You can use your whole work surface for whatever you need it for.

Scratch Proof

We have also recently released a range of new Non-Scratch glass worktops. It is an innovative and revolutionary type of glass that prevents any scratches, deep or shallow, caused by ordinary wear and tear on your worktop. It is available in any colour to compliment your kitchen. It cannot be stained or scratched, and is so scratch-resistant that you can even cut food straight on the worktop without needing a chopping board. No other kitchen worktop is so versatile and functional!

The Competition

Granite stains, scratches and weighs an absolute ton. Solid wood marks and scratches easily and has to be oiled twice a year. Laminate can look cheap and is easily damaged. Stainless steel has an unappealing industrial look and scratches easily. Quartz discolours over time when exposed to sunlight, can have very obvious seams and is not as heat resistant as our glass. Marble scratches and stains.
Only toughened, scratch-proof glass avoids all of these problems, making it the most versatile, toughest, most heat resistant, cleanest, easiest to maintain and most attractive looking worktop surface on the market.