Brian Marriott GlassArt.

Brian studIed at Portsmouth Art College in the late 60’s and from 1970 he commenced his design career as a graphic designer. From 1975 he founded ‘Marriott Design’ which became one of the South of England’s leading design studios. After 40yrs he turned a new chapter in his creative life, concentrating on being an equally successful artist/designer working in glass.

Gallery Selection

Brian has provided us with a gallery of stunning, vibrant abstract images which are highly focused crops from some of his work, making them ideal for enlargement as LED-backlit framed wall art and installations.

Creoglass were fortunate to work with Brian on a very large hallway installation which you can view on this gallery. For the commission, he created a beautiful glass vase in harmony with the interior designer's palette, photographed it at high resolution, selected the most effective crop and created the image for Creoglass to print onto glass, make the bespoke LED panels and manage the installation. The client also receives a remote control to vary the light intensity.


Private commissions: Choose from his gallery or you can also commission Brian to create a unique GlassArt piece for you, from which he can select crops for you, vary the colours and plan the presentation relative to size and location.

“We are very fortunate to have Brian as one of our chosen artists, his GlassArt is an ideal medium to be enhanced by our Creoglass process”