Classic Colour Shower Splashbacks have been on the market for a few decades and are a popular choice for developers and hoteliers alike. As there are no grouts, Glass Splashbacks tempt to create a sense of cleanliness and a more modern look compared to traditional tiles. They are easy to clean, especially if the glass is treated with a special non-stick nano-coating that prevents water droplets from sticking to the glass and creating limescale build-up once evaporated. With a vast choice of colours, there is certainly one waiting for you. Apart from Classic Colours, you can choose from a range of beautifully printed Stone Textures on glass that are value-engineered shower glass splashbacks to mimic expensive, rare types of stones like onyx or agate. Other Glass Shower Splashbacks include Geometric Retro tile-like patterns without the actual grouting, or excentric and wonderful Bohemian Floral Mural, Underwater Aquatic or the famous Beach and Waterfall Scenes. Pink-Bathroom-Glass-Cladding Green-Bathroom-Glass-Splashbacks