Printed Glass Worktops

Printed Glass Worktops

Starting From £175 – Per 0.25sqm

Now Only £131 – Persqm

Printed Glass Worktops bring a new level of customisation to our beautiful glass worktop range.

We print all artworks directly to the rear of the Glass. Working with our in-house designers, we can uniquely tailor artwork for every project.

Standard glossy finish or the recommended Non-Scratch glass worktop surface are both available as Printed Worktops. any layout can be customised with our Worktops. With shaping and cut-outs available for sinks, hobs, taps and more.

More Information about Printed Glass Worktops

Printed Glass Worktops

Digitally Printed Artwork on NON-SCRATCH GLASS WORKTOPS -they don’t scratch, stain, burn, break, are chemically resistant and design-versatile! It’s a specially treated glass and it’s Not an Ordinary Sandblasted or Acid Edged Matt Glass! It’s very Chemically resistant making it suitable for Hospitality and Medical environment. Non-Scratch Glass Worktops are toughened and resistant to impacts and heat up to 400ºC, making a functional, hygienic surface that is lightweight and fast to install. – Design Versatile. A wide range of colours is customisable. We will match any colour or print any image.



Our Standard glass worktop finish has a smooth glossy top surface. These surfaces are available in 10-15mm thicknesses, with a maximum piece size of 3m x 2m.

These are made from low iron, toughened glass. This glass is impact and heat resistant up to 400ºC. They will not discolour or stain from hot pans, spices or even chemicals.


Our Non-Scratch worktops are our recommend glass worktop surface. These specially treated surfaces provide additional resistance to scratching, on top of all the benefits of our standard glass worktops. The unique surface treatment creates a matt finish to the top surface of these worktops. This creates a slight ‘frosted’ effect on any printed artwork design.

Also made from toughened glass, this glass is also impact and heat resistant up to 400ºC. They will not discolour or stain from hot pans, spics or harsh cleaning chemicals. Available in 10-15mm thicknesses and in maximum size of 3m x 2m.


Our team can provide a full design service to assist in creating your own unique design. We can help to shape and visualise how the artwork will be displayed within your interior layout.

Due to the size of worktop pieces, all digital artwork needs to be the highest resolution possible or a vector format graphic.

To get some inspiration on shaping your bespoke printed design, we recommend using the site, Adobe Stock. This site provides millions of high-resolution images and graphics that we can use to help develop your own designs and styles.

Features about our Printed Glass Worktops

  • Digital Artwork Printed directly to glass
  • Made from 10mm Toughened Glass
  • In-House Design Services
  • Impact & Heat Resistant up to 400°C
  • Available in Glossy or Non-Scratch finishes
  • Shaping & Cut-outs available