Have a look at our best package deals! If you choose one of these package deals we guarantee to give you our best discount price as well as our current discount at the moment. We offer these package deals to give you the chance to have the kitchen or bathroom you have always wanted!

Splashback & Worktop
Kitchen And Bathroom-1

Worktop And Splashback Deal

25% OFF

With the Worktop & Splashback Package Deal you can choose from any Worktop surface we provide and any Glass Splashback from our range of collections and be offered up to 25% off your Worktop! With this package deal not only will you be offered 25% off the Worktop you choose but you will also be offered the current offer on our Splashbacks during the time you choose to go forward with this deal. 

You can choose from any Worktop we provide which is anything from the Dekton range, the Silestone range and the Sensa range! You can also choose any Glass Worktop from our range which includes our Non-Scratch Glass Worktop, Printed Glass Worktops, Glossy Colour Glass Worktops, Ice-Cracked Glass Worktop, Luxury Glass Worktop and our premium Glass Worktop. By choosing this Package Deal you will have got your self over half price on the Worktop you choose and the Glass Splashback you choose from!


Kitchen And Bathroom Deal


This package deal makes your life that little bit easier and that little bit cheaper! If you refurbish your kitchen with us and choose this package deal we will give you a £100 Voucher towards the labour costs for your bathroom as long as you spend a minimum of £1,500 on your kitchen. This Voucher is valid for 1 year so you don’t have to do your kitchen and bathroom at the same time! You can have your kitchen done and in a years time if you decide to have your bathroom done with us, this £100 Voucher towards the labour costs of our measuring and fitting service will still be valid as long as you spend a minimum of £1,000 on your bathroom overall. This also doesn’t effect the current discount during the time of payment. This Package also works in the same way if you get your bathroom done first! In a years time if you decide to get your kitchen done the £100 Voucher will be valid including the current discounts at that time.  

If you decide to choose this package deal it doesn’t mean you’re limited to one! you can choose both this package deal and the Worktop and Splashback Package deal at the same time! this means you get 25% of any Worktop you choose as long as we provide it, the current discount on Splashbacks during the time you decide to go ahead AND a £100 Voucher towards labour costs for your bathroom whenever you want to do it as long as it is in the next year!