One of the most common questions we get asked here at CreoGlass is about how glass performs in the kitchen compared to other surfaces. We all know that glass can be delicate, can be brittle and break easily. You also need to know is that the glass we use in all our products really isn’t like that.

CreoGlass uses super-tough glass in our worktops, splashbacks and all our kitchen products. It is so tough that it can cope with temperatures up to 4000C and the equivalent force of being hit with a sledgehammer. Not the kind of treatment you would get in the average kitchen we hope!

Temperature resistant

All of the glass worktops we design and manufacture are specially toughened and made exceptionally heat resistant. They are designed to work in kitchens and cope flawlessly with all that entails. We guarantee all of our glass kitchen products will cope with temperatures up to 400°C without damage or deformity.

Most domestic kitchens won’t even come close to that kind of temperature.

A boiling kettle can achieve somewhere between 90 – 100°C. A stainless steel saucepan left on a hob until it is as hot as it can be will only reach theoretical temperatures of around 120°C. A domestic oven maxes out at around 220°C. Well within the 400°C tolerance of the glass we use in our worktops and splashbacks.

Damage resistant

Toughened glass is exactly that, tough. We use only the highest quality glass that is designed to cope with everyday use. We engineer our glass worktops and splashbacks to be able to cope with being hit with a sledgehammer and test them by doing just that!

Damage and heat resistance is built into all of our glass worktops and splashbacks. Even the coloured and textured versions all adhere to the same high quality standards. Regardless of the style, finish and colour, every glass product you buy from us will be guaranteed for quality and performance.

Bacteria resistant

As well as heat and impact, glass is inherently clean. Bacteria has nowhere to hide, no crevices to sneak into and no cracks, gaps or tiny holes within which to avoid cleaning. The surface of glass is easy to clean, resistant to damage, fading, UV light and most abrasive cleaners. This is why we think it’s the ultimate worktop surface for any kitchen.

Moisture resistant

Kitchens have to cope with a lot of moisture and a glass worktop or splashback is ideally suited to do just that. With no grout to soak up moisture, no wood to absorb it and no gaps for water to slide into, glass is a very moisture efficient material. Installed correctly, you should have zero moisture issues with a glass worktop!

As you can see, a glass worktop or splashback is the ideal material for any kitchen. The huge range of colours and finishes, the flexibility of our design options, quality and inherent benefits of glass lend themselves well to any kitchen design. We are so confident in our products that we guarantee all of our glass worktops or splashbacks for ten years!

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