When I think of a classic White Kitchen I can’t help but think of my mum’s kitchen from when I was younger. Always sparklingly clean no matter what stage of cooking she was at (unlike mine now). In fact, her kitchen is still spotless and white.

She seems to be a firm believer in the White Kitchen (I was unaware that it was something to believe in but just ask my mum). Last year after moving into a new house, my childhood kitchen a distant memory and discovering an old worn out green kitchen she vowed to get it changed and since I was roped into helping (actually I jumped at the chance who does not love a new kitchen?) I was determined to try and drag my mum kicking and screaming into this century.

‘No’ She said ‘I just want a classic white kitchen’

I wanted to show my mum who is now retired and still loves to cook, and probably spends more time in the kitchen today, that she could have a white kitchen without having a boring kitchen. She was soon on board when I showed her my first idea a CreoGlass Non Scratch Glass Work Top. You can imagine her response to glass, but I soon explained that it was available in many colours including white and is designed with special anti-scratch glass, unlike our old wooden worktop that showed the scars of every time I forgot to use the chopping board as a kid. The biggest selling point for her at first was the fact that you could cut food on the Glass Worktop and because it is also Heat Resistant you can put dishes straight out of the oven onto the side, she dreams of less clutter and it came in white.

Once she had agreed to this and was open to new ideas we set about giving her a completely up to date classic white kitchen. She picked out the Splash Back that she wanted (white of course) and then even changed the silver plug sockets to white Colour Matching Sockets, she was on a roll.

Then I did something that blew my mums mind, I asked ‘Which white would you like?’ her reply and tone was something I was used to but it all soon changed when I showed her the Laura Ashley Colour Chart. It was not long before she was stuck trying to choose between Cotton White or Pure White, only in the end to opt for Dove Grey White. A few bits and bobs later and my mum’s new kitchen was ordered, within three weeks it was fitted and she was again baking in her spotless White Kitchen.

A few weeks after the kitchen was fitted, I went around to see mum and I was surprised to find that she had gone back to CreoGlass (without me) and bought some chopping boards, she said although you could cut on the Worktops after years of moaning at me for doing it she could not bring herself to do it. Guess what colour the chopping boards were? Yes, white but Cotton White, my mum loves to colour coordinate.

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