As a modern, busy and style-conscious woman we can confidently wager that you sometimes feel as though your dream kitchen is just a pipe-dream.

Many of us have sat wondering how to achieve a functional yet stylish kitchen that looks just the way we want it to. CreoGlass is here to help you unlock your dream kitchen. From inspiration to installation, we provide a gorgeous range of kitchen ideas within your ideal budget.

Do you picture your dream kitchen as a bright, clean and unique space? Or, a quirky and high-fashion jaw-dropper? With our state-of-the-art colour infusions and textures, each dream can be a reality. We tackle one feature at a time to ensure that every aspect of your kitchen makes you feel at home.

Glass splashbacks produce an enthralling finish and will set your kitchen apart from what has come to be seen as an ordinary space. With the sheer volume of options we have at our disposal, almost nothing is impossible.

Our Brilliant Collection is just one of our newest hand-made designs. Incorporating reflective particles with resilient elements, our kitchens are quite literally made-to-measure. Since its 2013 debut, our CreoGlass Brilliant Collection has been increasingly in demand. Its subtle elegancy adds a touch of effervescence that is coveted by our clients.

We also explore similar options for your walls with our satin Silver Sparkle Add On. This stunning finish is the perfect accompaniment to kitchens, especially those with stainless steel or chrome finish appliances.

We have our finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to colour trends and our extensive colour palette is cutting-edge and versatile. Our colours can be matched to all amjor paint brands, allowing you to choose the colours that match your dreams. From sliding printed glass doors to azure and lime zest sockets, we make certain that every detail is precisely how you want it.

Whether your preference is coloured glass, imaged glass or textured glass, they each have the versatility to be suited to any home. Glass splashbacks are beautifully manageable, hygienic and convenient. The smooth surfaces are easily cleaned and their natural shine reflects light. Our Patterned Glass carefully combines painted glass with stencil-work to produce pieces that will feel entirely personal to you.

Our Glass splashbacks and Worktops are an accessible way of bringing together combinations of zesty and neutral colours and patterns. Our toughened mirrors are perfect for opening up the kitchen area and creating a larger and brighter environ. They naturally extend your kitchen by creating the illusion of space. Our mirror splashbacks achieve the same inimitable results and are also available with textured surfaces, and in tints of grey, black and bronze.

Our Patterned Mirror is crafted using 6mm Toughened Glass Mirrors. We implement patterning on the reverse side of the mirror to create a beautifully textured finish.

With so possibilities, just imagine what you can create together.

Call us today, our kitchen options are quite literally the stuff of dreams.

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