Glass is often synonymised with windows and mirrors but there’s much more to glass. It is used for cabinets, tables, wall art, worktops, room separations, staircases among other things. Today there are many different ways glass is made and many different types available which means glass can be used for a variety of things.

If you enjoy watching programmes on home improvements and the like, you may have come across Grand Designs. If you haven’t seen the programme, it’s simply based on people who build their own homes here in the UK. It seems to be a popular thing for people to incorporate glass into their homes in a large and significant way. Glass has been a main feature of historical buildings namely churches. Cathedrals and even parishes have large decorative windows with a wonderful display of colour and artwork. Glass doesn’t just have to be an added extra but can be the star of the show in your home. Natural light is very important for good health and using glass can allow your home to be flooded with lots of light which is great especially in cases where you may work from home, enjoy reading and doing other activities that require you to see well. Investing in good blinds will give you much needed shade on a really sunny day so there’s no need to worry about that.

We’ll focus on 2 ways to incorporate glass into your home, ornaments and furniture and room separations. This will hopefully encourage you to think of ways you can incorporate glass into your home.

1. Ornaments and Furniture

Using glass furniture like, cabinets, coffee tables and small decorative ornaments will add a classy detail into any home, particularly if you cannot make structural changes to your home. Clean glass gives a sense of expensive and exquisite taste and doesn’t require you to break the bank to achieve that. It is important to keep glass clean for hygiene purposes of course but also for visual satisfaction. The clear glisten and shine of it speaks of opulence and grandeur, it subconsciously makes you think of more expensive materials like crystal and even diamonds. A modern, contemporary look can also be created by the sensible selection of glass furniture.

2. Room separations

Glass can be used for room separations which is a fantastic way to give the illusion of more space in a home. It opens up areas, allows light to flood in and gives a less cluttered feeling. If you’re looking to do some home improvements use glass as more of a feature. If you like the open plan layout but still want to be able to separate different sections of your home, using glass can allow you to get the best of both worlds. If needs be, you can watch over the kids while in a separate room getting on with various tasks (very useful for busy parents!) Glass can also be offered sound-proof and obscure if you really want to separate off an area but still want a room to be light and airy.

A home can have glass incorporated into it either, through ornaments and furniture that can easily be moved or through in built structures like room separations. However you choose to incorporate glass in home, just remember it is something to be considered and, there are many options that you can choose from.

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