The colours, textures, tones and patterns on a wall can change a room completely. Wall cladding is a contemporary state-of-the-art approach to interior design that will leave your home looking as though it belongs on the cover of a magazine.

Cladding adds a whole new dimension and character to your bathroom that tiling, paint and wallpaper paint just does not achieve. Using mirrors or glass as a design feature is an often underestimated choice, but our range of everyday and imaginative solutions have been hand-selected to suit your personal tastes as well as the interior of your home. In our experience, wall cladding adds a brand new lease of life to an old room or brings character to a blank canvas of a brand new home.

Fashion-conscious individuals once rushed to add patterned tiling to their kitchens and bathrooms, eventually feeling disappointed by the long, messy process and inevitable maintenance. The issue is often that tiles remain cold to the touch, and due to this condensation quickly forms. This unfortunate shortcoming means that the grout stays moist and eventually mould begins to grow. Once this happens, the tiling becomes challenging and costly. In 2016, the fashion conscious are opting for wall cladding to satisfy their need bathroom needs in a practical, clean and vibrant way. Practically speaking, cladding is a far superior method of maintaining your bathroom. Wall cladding has a reputation for being a hygienic, durable, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Wall cladding is an elegant and on-trend way of rejuvenating your environment. Aesthetically, wall cladding is a versatile reflection of you as an individual. It is a statement feature in any sophisticated setting from luxurious apartments to hotels and homes. Wall cladding is also frequently the secret behind creating a sublime environment in the UK’s most opulent spas and leisure centres. Architectural glass cladding is a beautiful decorative feature with a proven track record in customer satisfaction. This option seamlessly provides a modish finish for interiors, oozing with character.

A masterfully designed wall cladding structure is crucial to ensure the style suits the environment and this is something our experts will advise you on here at CreoGlass. We take our time and utilise our expertise and resources to ensure that you end up with results that exceed your expectations.

Take a browse through our options to gain an idea of the mood we can achieve based on the existing specifications of your room. Our bathroom wall cladding designs utilise toughened glass in a stunning range of bronze or grey mirrors to cover walls. Our affects instantly enlarge your bathroom, creating a bright and eye-catching room that you can recline in and admire. From coloured glass wall cladding, mirror wall cladding our extensive options are certain to inject a brand new character to your room.

Call us today, or visit us in our Watford store to view our stunning range and discuss how we can make your walls exquisite.

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