CreoGlass Splashbacks Trade
Trade Colour Sample Cases
Italian Collection Sample Case (28 styles)

-Kitchen & Bathroom Designers, Retailers and Fitters
-Interior Designers & Architects

Up to 55% discount of glass products

Up to 30 day credit option (subject to credit check)

Extra bulk purchase discount available

Free Marketing Available (CreoGlass is the master in online advertising. We can help you to publish your projects on Social Media to help you increase awareness of your Brand in your area at no additional cost. All we need is pictures of your final product/installation…)

How it works?

  1. We will open a Trade Account for you
  2. We Get the Lead and pass your details to our customers to contact you
  3. We can provide you with samples and literature of our products
  4. Technical Support is available
  5. You can then place an order with us using your trade discount
  6.  We can deliver your order to a set location or you can collect it from us
  7. FREE marketing – publishing of your successful installations on our Social Media. We currently count over 70k followers on our Face Book Page


  • Largest Range of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in Europe
  • Non-Scratch Glass Worktops in any Colour
  • Feature Kitchen Islands
  • Heat Resistant Toughened Mirrors
  • Colour-Matching Sockets
  • Breakfast Bar Tops
  • Bathroom Glass Splashbacks
  • Wall Glass Cladding / Paneling
  • Decorative Wall Images and Boardroom Table Tops
  • Table Tops, Desk Tops and Tables
  • Chopping boards and Heat Mats
  • Other Accressories


  • Full Measure & Fit Service (Supply & Fit)
  • Customer Support
  • Showroom Displays
  • Sampling
  • Technical Consultations
  • Creative Design & Artwork
  • Product Manufacture
  • Wholesale (Min.Qty. Apply)
  • After Care Support
  • 10 Year Product Guarantee *

* Terms & Conditions Apply.


  1. Choosing Finishes – Colours, designs or images must be confirmed by email specifying all details required.
  2. Measure & Fit- Please provide drawings, rough dimensions for estimated costs prior to calling a site survey
  3. If you are not using our Measure & Fit service then the below will apply when placing an order on behalf of your clients.
  4. Ordering with Templates
    1. Glass ordered by templates must be accompanied with a full scale template to the correct dimensions. Each template must be marked with information:
      1. Customer Name
      2. Order No. or Reference
      3. Glass Type
      4. Edge Finish
      5. Hole Type, Size and Locations
      6. Face Side
    2. Templates should be made from a solid material such as 6-8mm MDF, 6mm plywood, Corrugated Tubular Plastic Sheets “Corex” (not a surface protector)
    3. Templates constructed out of paper, corrugated cardboard, fibrolite or glass can not be accepted!
    4. All irregular shapes requiring polished edges and any circular polishing requirements should be on minimum 6mm plywood or MDF to enable our machines to plot the pattern.
    5. Patterns should not have any protruding staples, nails, or screws, as sharp objects may damage the glass or cutting tables during processing.
    6. All holes and cutouts must be clearly marked in the exact position on the pattern.
  5. Ordering by Drawings
    1. Technical/Digital Drawings -Orders can be submitted using CAD drawings in DXF, DWG format.
    2. Manual/Hand Drawings should be submitted for conversion and approval as templates may be required in their place.