Naturally, we all want to own something unique. Nowadays, the easiest way to make a great chic statement behind a sink or stove is to install glass kitchen splashbacks. Those, who find their kitchen to be their favourite place in the house, may want to jazz it up with an elegant glass splashback.

Glass kitchen splashbacks come in numerous designs, colours, and patterns, allowing your imagination to go wild, depending on your preferences. Glass splashbacks can even have pictures. If you are house-proud, love clean environment and colour-coordination, then splashbacks are ideal for you.

Splashbacks will make your kitchen look modern and give it a touch of class and sophistication, creating a distinctive look. But making a stylish statement is not the end of the story. Splashbacks are exactly what the name suggests; they prevent splashes on your walls. As such, they avert damage and make cleaning up any mess easier.

These days people are increasingly conscious about health and hygiene. This is why glass splashbacks and glass worktops have gained much popularity. And this is not just because of their ultra-stylish and contemporary look. Hygiene is what has played a key role in aiding glass splashbacks and worktops for kitchens and bathrooms to become the quickest substitutes to conventional materials used in their manufacture.

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of your home. With time, your splashback can get dirty and stained with greasy splashes from the mouth-watering foods that you prepare in the course of the day. You need to spend some little time and effort in cleaning and maintaining your splashback regularly for it to retain its gorgeous finish

The following are some tips on cleaning your glass kitchen splashbacks:

1. Clean Up Promptly: Once you notice stains of splashes on your splashback, clean them straightaway. It is best to do so while they are still fresh instead of waiting to clean them later. Stubborn stains are obviously more difficult to clean, particularly if left for some time.

2. Spray the Surface of the Splashback with a Cleaner: Start by spraying the surface of your splashback, pay special attention to greasy looking areas, and leave the solution for 1 to 2 minutes to allow it to settle and soak through deposit.

3. Gently Wipe It From Top to Bottom: Using a paper towel or lint-free cloth, gently wipe your splashback, starting from the upper side to the bottom. Make sure all marks are eliminated.

4. Use the Right Cleaning Cloth: Avoid using rough cleaners. Instead of making your splashback shiny and clean, they may end up scratching and ruining it. You should choose a cleaner that is most suitable for your splashback and ensure that you carefully follow the instructions. You may seek advice from a professional at CreoGlass Design Studio.

5. Use the Correct Material: Apart from using the correct cloths, you need to use proper cleaning agents. For instance, a glass cleaner, a general all-purpose cleaner or a specialist steel cleaner are okay to use. It is also safe to use a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water.

6. Use a Damp Cloth: Ensure that you use a damp cloth to clean your glass splashback.

7. Use a Dry Cloth after a Damp One: Use a dry cloth after using a wet one. This will help prevent streaking. When cleaning glass, polishing with a piece of paper is a trick that works effectively.

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