At the CreoGlass Studio, every aspect of our manufacturing and design process is dedicated to providing you with the highest stand of glass splashbacks for your kitchen and bathroom. Our toughened glass is selected for its ability to withstand heat and impact, but we also want you it to delight you with its dazzling finish. Our colour range offers stunning hues, tones and shimmers, and we want them to remain vibrant and beautiful throughout the lifetime of your product.

We know that you’ll be delighted with the effect your splashbacks create once they are installed; in order to help you to preserve their ‘just installed’ brilliance we’ve asked our team to come up with their Top Ten Tips for cleaning and maintenance of the glass.

Tip Number One – The ‘Quick Wipe’ Approach.

Whilst we would recommend a thorough clean of your glass splashbacks at regular intervals, you can make the job easier by catching and wiping away stains as they appear. Very often a ‘quick wipe’ is all that is needed to clean a newly created stain, whereas leaving them to accumulate allows residue to dry and become more stubborn to remove. If splashes and spillages are dealt with immediately, your regular detailed clean can concentrate on removing finger-marks and restoring the sheen to your glass surface.

Tip Number Two – A Regular Cleaning Schedule

In the early days of enjoying your glass splashbacks there will be no problem with cleaning them regularly; they’ll look so good that you’ll want to keep them that way every day. As they become a regular part of your fixtures and fittings, however, you’ll begin to take them for granted – it’s only human – and that’s when it becomes more of an effort to make sure that they’re maintained. Whatever the quality of the glass, if it’s not cleaned regularly it will lose its sheen and can look dull; neglect is the quickest way to age a product! Safeguard against your own worse habits by creating a regular cleaning schedule for your splashbacks; put it on your ‘To Do’ list and make sure you tick it off each time it comes up. We would recommend a thorough clean once every two weeks.

Tip Number Three – Choose Your Cleaning Products

You can keep your glass splashback looking great by using any of the glass-cleaning products available. There is a great range of glass cleaning products on the market, and you probably already have your favourite. If you’re unsure as to which is the best value for money, check out the online reviews. There are also a number of online forums which feature discussions about cleaning and maintaining glass splashbacks – written by people who’ve already experimented with different brands and are only too happy to pass their experiences on to you.

Tip Number Four – Natural Glass Cleaners

If you’re wary of using branded glass cleaners, or you like to save yourself money where you can, there’s a tried and tested natural solution for glass cleaning which many a grandmother would swear by! White Vinegar is something of a miracle-worker when it comes to glass; it’s great for removing finger-marks, and cutting gently through grease, but it also creates a sparkling and streak-free finish. Here’s the recipe for your natural glass cleaning solution: Add one part white vinegar to four parts water and apply. Could anything be simpler? You can make up a large batch and store it for future use, and if you want a spray cleaner, just pour the solution into an empty spray bottle and away you go.

Tip Number Five – Avoid Abrasives

If the stain’s a particularly stubborn one, you may be tempted to take an abrasive cleaner or scourer to it. Try to avoid the impulse! Abrasive scratch-marks on your quality glass will dull the sheen and spoil the over-all effect of the finish. If a stain is particularly stubborn, spray your glass cleaner on it and allow it to soak for 1-2 minutes before applying your damp cloth; this should solve the problem and keep your glass in great condition.

Tip Number Six – Choosing Cleaning Cloths

Having the right materials halves the effort of cleaning glass splashbacks. You should have two different cloths for the job; once you have sprayed the glass thoroughly with your glass cleaner, you should wipe the surface with a damp micro-fibre cloth. When you are satisfied that the surface is completely clean, buff the surface using a lint-free cloth (I have heard that old T-Shirts are particularly good for this process) until you are happy with the sparkling finish.

Tip Number Seven – Streaking Solutions

We’ve already noted the miraculous anti-streaking agent that White Vinegar seems to possess, but if you are still concerned that your cleaning routine is leaving streaks on your glass surface there are a couple of other solutions you might want to try. Using distilled water rather than tap water can sometimes solve the problem; tap water contains minerals that can leave deposits on glass which make it look dull or streaky – distilled water removes the problem. Otherwise you might want to try using newspaper to buff your glass after the damp clean; newspaper creates a great shine, and it removes streaks as you buff. Don’t worry, the newsprint doesn’t come off on the glass – but it may stain your fingers so you might want to wear kitchen gloves!

Tip Number Eight – Get Fit Whilst Cleaning

Cleaning windows and baths are supposed to be a great way to stretch and tone muscles you had forgotten you’d got. Using wide arching sweeps when cleaning your glass splashbacks will ensure that every part of the glass is cleaned evenly and thoroughly, as well as keeping you in shape!

Tip Number Nine – Choose Your Weather Carefully

Cleaning your glass splashback can be twice as difficult and frustrating if you have windows in your kitchen or bathroom, through which the sun is streaming. The heat of the sun’s rays tends to dry off the cleaning agent prematurely and this invites streaks, and makes the buffing process more difficult. Wait for the clouds to gather, therefore, and forget the dull day by creating radiant surfaces for the sun to reflect when it returns.

Tip Number Ten – Get a Kärcher Window Vac to do the Job for You

For a great finish – and no elbow-grease – the Kärcher Window Vac is a brilliant battery-powered device. What’s particularly attractive about this product is that after cleaning, the moisture is sucked from the glass leaving your surface sparkling clean and dry. There’s no drips, no streaks – just shiny glass!


If you have any concerns about the look of your splashbacks – or you would like some advice on maintenance and cleaning, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01923 819684 or contact us by email: [email protected]

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