If the kitchen is the heart of your home, it deserves to be treated as such. For many of us, the kitchen is the place where we feed the family, enjoy a glass of something with friends, get the kids to do their homework or just spend time with those we love. With all that going on, you want your kitchen to be special.

With that in mind, we have spoken to our design team about the top kitchen design trends for 2016. We also looked at what the top interior designers are predicting for the year to come. Here is what we found.

More colour

Many designers and influencers are predicting more colour and personalisation in kitchens for 2016. While white is still the pre-eminent colour for the heart of the home, adding elements of rich colour is going to be big this year. Inspiration can come from coloured appliances, splashbacks, worktops, tiles and more.

Selecting neutral, pastel or rich colour will be as decision of taste but the sheer number of options now available lets your creativity roam free. Influencers such as Divine Design Build think creative splashbacks and colour will be a big hit this year.

Mixing materials and worktop thickness

Non-conformity is an increasing trend at the moment with mix n’ match continuing on through 2016. The mixing of worktop materials, appliance finishes, textures and colours is expected to be something of a movement. It builds on the shabby chic and upcycling trend and turns it into something that could work with any style be it modern, country, minimalist or retro.

Elle Décor has mixed materials as a big thing this year.


Whether you’re think of sophisticated storage, hidden appliances, sharp corners and a reduction in detailing, the simple but sophisticated look is going to be huge. Think clever drawers, smart appliances that integrate almost invisibly and smooth surfaces that just shout sophistication.

Making the advanced look simple has always been a strong design goal. This year we will see this accelerate in the kitchen to an unparalleled level. Real Homes Magazine has simple design as huge for 2016.

Terrific taps

Taps have always had an influence over design and that isn’t going to change. What is going to change is the sole purpose taps have. Coming this year are ‘transformative taps’. Taps that turn normal water into sparkling or cold into boiling hot have been around a while, but this year they are expected to really take off.

The convenience of mixing these abilities within a stylish design is going to resonate with many designers and homeowners.

Seamless sinks

To go with those lovely multipurpose taps is going to be a seamless sink. A sink that fits flush into your worktop and has an integrated splashback, draining board and upstand within the same design. Whether in one piece or several, the idea is clean lines, simplicity of design and an unfussy view down the kitchen.

Customisation and bespoke solutions

Interior Design.net has customised interiors and personalisation as a big influence over kitchen designs for 2016. More furniture and appliance manufacturers are offering bespoke solutions to solve problems and add customisation options. Combine with a bespoke splashback, complementing colours and some design genius and you could rock the bespoke look!

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