This year the CreoGlass team have decided to create a list of the best Christmas recipes and ideas from across the web that will be sure to give your festive cooking spirit a boost. If not then I’m sure the Mulled Wine Marshmallows will, seems to be one of the favourite ideas around the office here.











The best turkey in the world by Jamie Oliver “”Packing your turkey with clementines and fresh herbs gives the meat a lovely, fragrant flavour”” Read More »









The perfect roast turkey by Raymond Blanc “”showing you an easy way to cook a show-stopping roast turkey for your all-important Christmas dinner”” Read More »


Christmas turkey recipe by Dominic Chapman “”Christmas turkey recipe from Dominic Chapman, the bird is first steamed with aromatics, then roasted until the skin is crisp. The turkey remains beautifully tender, moist and full of flavour”” Read More »


Gordon Ramsay’s beef Wellington by Gordon Ramsay “”This is an impressive dish and one that’s easier than it looks. The whole family are going to love tucking into this pastry parcel filled with tender beef, mushrooms and mustard.”” Read More »


Roast gammon with sweet potato roasties and bacon sprouts by Graham Campbell “”The sticky glaze has plenty of flavour from cardamom, five-spice, soy and honey, while the pairing of sweet potatoes and earthy bacon sprouts”” Read More »


Smoked salmon with avocado By Martin Wishart “”The smoky, saline flesh of the salmon works beautifully with the zesty umami flavours of the vinaigrette. The rich creamy avocado is a match made in heaven for the fish while the cucumber and radish are a refreshing, balancing foil.”” Read More »


Perfect roast potatoes by Nigella Lawson “”it is impossible to cook roast potatoes without needing them to be perfect”” Read More »


Honey roast parsnips By James Martin “”Roasting parsnips in honey and sherry brings out the natural sweetness in this earthy vegetable.”” Read More »


Top cranberry sauce recipes “”cranberry sauce recipes require little more than three ingredients – so go on and make your own cranberry sauce for the Christmas table!”” Read More »


Left Over Turkey Ideas “”Without fail, turkey fear strikes us all every year when we come to order it. Convinced that a sensible sized turkey won’t be enough, some strange impulse forces our hands upwards into the next weight bracket resulting in a mammoth beast that we can only just squeeze into the oven”” Read More »


Mulled wine marshmallows “”Perfectly soft and bouncy, these little bites have all the flavours of Christmas in a marshmallow”” Read More »


Design your own Christmas cake “”If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas Gift or a deliciously festive centre piece to your Christmas celebrations, we have just the thing!”” Read More »




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