We live in a world of built-in obsolescence – no sooner have we purchased our latest phone or tablet but we’re anxiously on the look-out for its inevitable replacement offering newer, improved benefits and features. As a result we’ve grown used to viewing the objects we fill our pockets and homes with as transient relationships – ok, until something better comes along. The age of the ‘throw-away’ has its advantages, but it’s comforting to know that alongside the litter of the twenty-first century sit materials that have served us in our homes for centuries, and continue to provide quality and durability where we need it most.

The kitchen worktop, alongside the stove, has traditionally been seen the heart of the home. Here food is prepared and generations learn alongside their parents and grandparents how to cook and make tasty meals. Worktop materials have tended to reflect the sense of the ‘traditional’, favouring wood, or granite, as the surfaces most suited to the tasks of chopping, kneading and baking. Recently, however, glass has begun to catch the eye of designers who are attracted by its versatility, strength and durability. The results have been truly stunning and it’s little wonder, then, that glass worktops are fast becoming the number one choice for kitchens.


The Design Team at CreoGlass Studios love working with glass, and so we asked them why they would choose it for their kitchens…

Glass worktops get the job done

Glass is the ideal material for working with the kind of challenges a worktop faces on a daily basis. CreoGlass worktops are made of toughened glass which makes it as strong as granite and virtually impossible to crack or break. The glass is also heat resistant (up to 400°C) which means that pots and pans from the stove can be placed straight on the work-surface without fear of damage. The CreoGlass non-scratch worktops also offer the added benefit of doing away with the need for chopping boards; food can be sliced and chopped directly on the work-surface without fear of creating scratches, grooves or scores.

Glass allows no hiding places for bacteria or germs

Cleanliness is a top priority in any kitchen, which makes glass the natural choice for your worktops. Our toughened glass is entirely non-porous which means that bacteria stays on the surface and can be easily wiped away as you work. The surface is sheer and easy to clean using domestic cleaning products.

Glass worktops come in all shapes and sizes

Glass worktops are designed to be customer friendly! They can be fitted to follow the contours of your kitchen, whatever the quirks and idiosyncrasies. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful worktops to inspire you, so they are fitted as a single, unbroken, sheer surface without unsightly joins to navigate.

Glass worktops enhance the light and space of your kitchen

Ever since it was discovered, glass has been revered for its translucent beauty. A glass worktop transports that translucence right into the heart of your home. Wherever glass is used in the home, or workplace, it produces a subtle glow; an amplification of the natural lighting surrounding it – it serves, therefore, as an enhancement of the light and space within which it sits , and can brighten even to dimmest of kitchens.

A designer’s dream!

Yes, glass is practical, exceptionally strong and all that – but it’s also a gorgeous material out of which to create stunning pieces of design. Just looking at, and touching glass gets the imagination going; add to that the huge range of colours that are available and you start to understand why designers get so excited about it. Worktop designs include solid colour, rainbow sparkles, satin shimmer; you can even provide your own artwork or patterns. Whether you’re looking for cool and contemporary, traditional, or playful, glass worktops can make your creative vision a reality.


Yes, we live in a ‘throw-away’ world which fears aging and replaces rather than repairs. The glass worktop, however, manages to bring the best of the past into the present day. It combines the most traditional of materials – glass – with the most innovative colours and designs, and it transcends time by retaining its cool elegance, energising sheen, and glorious colour throughout its lifetime. There isn’t something better around the corner; glass worktops are, quite simply, as good as it gets.


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