We can do things at CreoGlass that will turn your splashback into something simply stunning. We can print pictures on them – family portraits, photographs of a favourite restaurant or dish that you plan to replicate in your own kitchen; an iconic picture you downloaded (make sure you check who owns the copyright); or an abstract design.

We can take that last a stage further with an image on the splashback designed by you and created by us.

Or how about doing something special with the glass itself?

The Luxury Collection

Picture this: metallic elements and natural minerals mixed with a variety of pigments and layered onto the back of toughened glass. It looks great during the day. At night it’s spectacular!

This is the CreoGlass Luxury Splashbacks Collection: deep-textured finish, shimmering colours, sparkling effects and all the benefits you expect from a CreoGlass splashback. Stunning is the only word. The edges are bevelled and polished. The glass will stop a swinging sledgehammer and can handle temperatures up to 400oC. We can cut it to exactly the size and shape you want it.

There’s really no limit to the colours you can have but Snow White, Copper, Green and Star Light (a sort of speckled grey and white is the closest we can get to a description) are among the current favourites.

The Premium Collection

It’s glass. Toughened, heat-resistant glass. Just as you expect from a CreoGlass splashback. But it’s also so much more. The CreoGlass Premium Collection uses crushed minerals in natural colours to give a stunning and spectacular 3-D effect. Use it in kitchens, use it in bathrooms, use it anywhere a splashback is appropriate. The impact on visitors will be knockout.

The Premium Collection looks like something the pharaohs of ancient Egypt might have used – but the pharaohs never had luxury like this. We can cut it to the size and shape you want, we can drill into it so power points and switches are no problem (that’s true of all our splash backs, of course) and the understated elegance will fill you with that ”I want it and I want it now” feeling. The very best kitchen cabinets look even better sitting beside a Premium Collection glass splashback.

LED splashbacks

An LED is a “light-emitting diode” and they have transformed domestic lighting. They use very little power, don’t get hot and come in a variety of styles and colours. They can be dimmable; they can change colour; and we can fit them into splash backs!

LEDs are very long-lasting but if there does come a time when one has to be replaced, we’ve taken care of that in our LED splashback design. Talk to our designers. Let them show you how it works. It’ll blow your mind.

Matte Finish Splashbacks

CreoGlass splashbacks are glass, and we expect glass to shine. And so, usually, it does. We developed our Matte Finish Splashbacks because not all of our customers want to do only what is expected.

We use acid-edged or sandblasted glass and apply paint to the back. Which you choose will depend on what effect you’re looking for; when quartz sand is sprayed against glass to produce sandblasted glass, the result is something quite coarse in texture while acid-edged glass uses chemicals to eat away a very thin layer from the surface leaving the glass smooth but only semi-transparent. The reflection level is very low and a lot of people love that because it counteracts the very high gloss surfaces that so many kitchen appliances have. It’s a question of contrast and any designer knows that contrast can be a very important element in producing a stunning effect.

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