Silestone Quartz Worktops
Sensa Granite Worktops
Dekton Worktops

Here at Creoglass Design, we offer a range of Stone Worktops Like, Quartz, Wood, Granite and mineral. We provide Worktops from a company called Cosentino who provide a huge range of different Worktop finishes

Silestone Quartz Worktops: Silestone offers the most beautiful finish Quartz Worktops in all of the UK and has a huge range of different finishes to choose from and then 4 different textures to choose from after you choose your finish. These are Polished, Suede, Volcano and N-Boost.

Sensa Granite Worktops: We provide 8 different finishes for Cosentino’s Sensa Granite Worktops. Sensa treats their Granite Worktops differently to all other companies in the UK. By coating their products with a special material which allows them to be Stain Resistant.

Mineral Dekton Worktops: Dekton Worktops are the most special and unique a=out of the Cosentino range. Offering a huge range of finishes and the choice of Polished, Matt and Textured to your Worktop. Dekton Worktops are also Heat Resistant, Impact Resistant and Stain Resistant.