Classic Splashbacks

Kikitchen Glass Splashbacks

Get Your Best Classic Splashback from ®CreoGlass

Classic Splashbacks are the oldest and therefore most popular type of Kitchen Glass Splashback from ®CreoGlass branded collections. They are classified as so called “Entry Level” due to the low price point and manufacturing process. Classic Splashbacks, consist of plain colour of any known paint shade or a colour-match to a specific colour. Classic Splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened glass to protect walls and to create easy to clean cladding of the painted wall surfaces. Glass is non-porous material that is very hygienic and resistant not only to impact but most importantly chemic ally resistant to common house hold cleaning detergent, but also to hospital grade strong anti bacterial chemicals. 

You can choose form Plain Colour Glossy Splashback or Matt Finish Splashback

The first and the most important step in having the perfect toughened glass splashback is the Measuring Stage. Why? Once the glass has been toughened it can no longer be cut or drilled!

We provide full templating and fitting service using digital device with high accuracy.

Digital measuring device
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