Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? What home couldn’t benefit from some colour and bling? What if we told you that it was possible to have sparkle, colour and a bit of bling all wrapped up in a practical package? Splashbacks with sparkles delivers all that and more. Want one? We thought so!

CreoGlass is in a unique position in that we have developed our own unique procedure for creating splashbacks with sparkles. Our engineers devised a clever way to add pigments and natural minerals into glass to create some truly amazing finishes. The result is a range of luxury glass splashbacks with sparkles, intricate designs or images of your choice. We can even integrate your own images or LED lighting into our products.

During the day, a splashback with sparkles reflects daylight subtly, adding an element of glamour to practical spaces. At night, when the lights go down, the fun really begins. The minerals inside these luxury splashbacks come alive and reflect light around the room in a range of colours.

Our splashbacks with sparkles really do have to be seen to be believed. So here is one we made earlier, Purple Haze.


Style and substance

We think you’ll agree that the effect is quite stunning. While purple perfectly showcases the light reflecting qualities of our splashbacks with sparkles, there is a huge colour palette to choose from. Visit our gallery for more inspiration.

The talented designers we have here at CreoGlass can create an amazing glass splashback or worktops in almost any colour and design you can think of. From pastels to vibrant tones, subtle to rich, natural to modern. Your imagination is the only limit here. Whether you have it with sparkles or without, the effect will be stunning, guaranteed!

Style doesn’t stop there either. We can also design matching or contrasting sockets, glass doors, mirrors, bathroom accessories and more. All you have to do is ask. That’s the advantage of a bespoke service. You can pick and choose a design that suits you perfectly. There is nothing quite like it.

As well as fantastic style, all our products offer practicality and safety too. All of our glass splashbacks and worktops are impact and heat resistant. They are machined and installed to be safe, have no sharp or exposed edges, be completely hygienic and more than fit for purpose. All as part of the price.

Glass is an ideal working surface as well as decorative design statement for any kitchen. It is naturally bacteria resistant, easy to clean, wear resistant and won’t fade, crack or break under impact or heat. The glass is a special high strength blend that is safe for temperatures of up to 400°C and can survive just about any impact. Ideal for a busy kitchen!

If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration that balances style and substance, you’re in the right place. Splashbacks with sparkles from CreoGlass delivers both in equal measure. Contact our design specialists today for a fast, free quotation.

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