Red, the colour of love, passion, heat and a colour that appears often in cuisine. It is a colour that is sometimes used to add some playfulness to kitchens and is used as either an accent colour or dominant colour. Using a splashback enables you to add red into your kitchen subtly. There are a variety of reds to choose from so if you feel apprehensive about red being too bright, not bright enough or not different enough there’s a red that is right just for you.

It’s possible you may be like a lot of people who think glitter is something for children or the extravagant but that is not the case. Like with the variations of red on offer, there are various degrees of glitter that can also be provided in an array of colours and you can combine the two to give a desired effect.

There is a plethora of reds, we’ll just stick with two main categories, dark red (e.g. burgundy, cordovan, maroon) and bright red (e.g. crimson, imperial red, strawberry red) both with sub categories. If you like bright and bold colours then of course going for a bright red will be your pick. If you’re not afraid to go bold and loud with your red then going for a raspberry red which has a mix of pink in it or, just a sharp red is the way to go. Staying on the bold and loud theme, adding glitter of a contrasting colour can really leave your kitchen looking one-of-kind.

Glitter is something when used in minimal amounts can add an appearance of shine and lustre to your splashback. However, large amounts of glitter may be your thing and in that case you can be more intense with it. You can mix and match your shade of red with a specific intensity and colour of glitter to communicate your taste.

One element that may be left out when getting for a splashback is, lighting. Lighting can set an atmosphere and mood in your kitchen, this can vary throughout the day and also link to the role your kitchen is playing at a given time. Having a red glitter splashback can give a sense of fun at breakfast time or of fine dining in the evenings with guests.

If you have a kitchen diner or open plan living room with a kitchen you want the kitchen to blend in effectively with the other parts of the room. Having a hint of red and glitter in other parts of the room will really allow there to be a link between the separate areas. You can add red and glittery enhancements in furniture like chairs and tables as well as other things like cushions, art, vases and flowers. It is also a possibility to add designs, extra colours and textures to your red splashbacks to give a particular effect. There are so many options to explore when it comes to splashbacks. When you think of red glitter, broaden your scope and you’ll surely find a splashback just for you!

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